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Women Professionals
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Conflict Management Skills for Women  

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Women Professionals



Seminar Summary:

How to keep your cool, stand your ground and resolve conflict positively.  (see full course description)

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Training Course Syllabus:

Conflict Management Skills for Women Training Seminar

In this seminar you'll learn...

  • How to stick to your guns and not back down on important issues
  • How not to allow unresolved anger and resentment damage an important relationship
  • Ways to banish anger and frustration when dealing with difficult people
  • How to stop people from taking advantage of you
  • And much more

In this seminar, you´ll learn how to handle every difficult situation with poise and confidence. Discover how to keep unmanaged conflicts, disagreements and out-of-control emotions from harming your important working and personal relationships.


Program Hours 9:00am - 4:00pm

Conflict management strategies that work

  • Not all disagreements have to end in arguments—you´ll learn proven strategies for constructive resolutions
  • How to respond to someone who gives you "compliments" that sound more like insults
  • The 6-step approach to win-win conflict resolution
  • How to separate the 2 sides of every conflict—people and issues—and deal with each effectively
  • Putting yourself in their shoes—how empathic listening helps you see both sides of the disagreement
  • Practicing everyday conflict resolution skills
  • 8 critical mistakes successful conflict managers never make
  • Overcoming your personal stumbling blocks to agreement
  • How to turn the points of disagreement into a framework for resolution
  • How your personality affects the way you deal with conflict
  • Choosing a conflict management style that fits the situation
  • Conflict as a positive motivator: 7 benefits of a well-managed crisis
  • Dealing with the 4 most common sources of conflict that lead to disagreements

Getting a grip on your own anger and emotions

  • Accepting responsibility for your anger: You become angry, no one makes you angry
  • How to understand what´s really bugging you
  • Chronic anger—recognizing the physical symptoms that warn when enough is enough
  • How the appropriate expression of anger is a necessary step to resolving conflict
  • Expressing yourself without accusation, sarcasm or hostility
  • Graceful "exit lines" that allow you to postpone a confrontation until your emotions are under control
  • 7 steps you can take to experience your feelings without acting them out
  • Assertiveness, the anger antidote: How to ask for what you need—and get it
  • How to stop playing old "hurt tapes" in your mind and substitute positive esteem-building images
  • How to avoid tears when you´re really angry—and what to do if you can´t
  • Safe ways to blow off steam without venting it on people
  • "What´s this really about?" How to get to the root of a problem instead of just battling the symptoms
  • Recognizing how anger acts as a defense against feelings you don´t want to feel

How to respond to others´ anger

  • How to validate someone´s anger without fanning the flames
  • One sure-fire way to let the situation cool down before trying to resolve it
  • Avoiding words that act as "emotional triggers" when you´re dealing with someone who´s upset
  • How to respond to a put-down without losing your temper
  • How to quickly de-escalate an emotional confrontation with a boss or co-worker
  • When confronting an angry person head-on may spell disaster
  • How honesty and understanding will help you keep your cool when dealing with an out-of-control person
  • Effective strategies for defusing an escalating argument
  • How to make sure you´re not "asking for" the very behavior from others you find hard to handle

Conflict communication skills

  • How to overcome the feeling that negative feedback is a personal attack
  • When negative feedback is justified: How to acknowledge your mistake without overapologizing
  • The real differences between how men and women handle feedback and what we can learn from each other
  • Idiolects, dialects, registers and genderlects: The surprising differences—and similarities—between how men and women communicate
  • How to turn negative self-talk into positive affirmations
  • How to recognize the difference between valid feedback and a personal put-down
  • The common false assumptions about the differences between male and female communication styles
  • How to avoid the 8 most common pitfalls to giving negative feedback
  • A 4-step approach to delivering feedback that´s specific, nonaccusatory and gets results
  • Dismissing the belief that "criticism" and "disapproval" are synonymous
  • How to address a chronic disagreement and arrive at a mutually acceptable action plan for resolution
  • When positive strokes may be more effective than negative feedback in changing an undesirable behavior
  • How you can reduce day-to-day hassles by establishing positive relationships with chronically difficult people

How to take care of yourself

  • Weaving family, friends and co-workers into an emotional support system
  • Relaxation skills you can master to control stress and relieve tension
  • How to handle rejection and still feel good about yourself
  • Setting your limits—how to say "No" without generating anger or guilt
  • What to do when your body says "fight or flight" but neither is called for
  • Getting rid of your fantasies of retribution that can do you more harm than the person you´re mad at



CPE Credits: 6

Seminar Time:

Seminar Check-In:  8:15AM  Seminar Program:  9:00AM - 4:00PM

print this agenda print agenda for the Conflict Management Skills for Women training seminar


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