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How to Bargain & Negotiate with Vendors and Suppliers  


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How to Bargain & Negotiate with Vendors and Suppliers seminar agenda print utility



If you deal with vendors and suppliers on a routine basis this seminar is for you.


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Seminar Summary:

Tools, tactics, and techniques to get the terms, prices, and conditions you want (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

How to Bargain & Negotiate with Vendors and Suppliers

Tools, tactics, and techniques to get the terms, prices, and conditions you want

If you deal with vendors and suppliers on a routine basis, you know how hard it is to bargain and negotiate agreements where everyone (and especially you!) walks away satisfied. This essential course will give you the upper hand at the bargaining table, and arm you with the right tools for getting lower prices, quicker delivery, higher quality and better service.

While some people may be "born negotiators" who relish the entire process and love wheeling and dealing, others (like you perhaps?) experience anxiety and stress when sitting down at the bargaining table. Whether you're negotiating a major deal for new office equipment, choosing a print shop that can get your job done within your budget and your time constraints, or hammering out new terms and a contract with one of your long-term suppliers, you'll get it all done more easily, swiftly and positively with what you'll learn here.

This Seminar will include:

This course isn't just lecture and theory instead, it's packed with hands-on exercises, lively discussion, and real-world negotiation case studies that lets you practice your new skills under the watchful eye of your expert trainer. You'll learn to map out strategies, develop a bargaining plan and come to the table prepared to play and win. You'll learn how to read your opponent's unspoken body language, "get inside their heads" and decipher clues to help you gauge their next moves. You'll learn to use your own non-verbal behavior to your best advantage, and master persuasion techniques that guide others toward your way of thinking.

You'll find out how to continue the dialogue when your opponent declares his/her offer final, and learn how to negotiate for a host of other options when the seller can't or won't budge on price. You'll discover how to negotiate based on cost analysis and how to counter with creative alternatives when the seller comes to you with a price increase.

Seminar Overview

Negotiation 101 Bargaining Basics You Shouldn't Be Without

  • Common myths and beliefs about negotiation you'll be surprised at what you don't know!
  • "Solving the problem" and "maintaining the relationship" the 2 main directives of any negotiation
  • The 5 classic negotiation approaches
  • Understanding the 5-step cycle of negotiation and how it affects your outcome

Preparing to Succeed Devise a Plan, Develop Your Strategies, and Play to Win!

  • How to choose the bargaining approach that's best for your situation
  • 2 things that are required for a win-win to take place
  • The differences between an RFP and an RFQ and how to use these in your bargaining efforts
  • Alternative sourcing how to use this buyer's weapon to your advantage without shutting down negotiations
  • 4 different bargaining personalities and how to handle them when you're negotiating face to face, by telephone, and through e-mail
  • BATNA: What it is, and why it's absolutely critical to your buying strategy

It's Your Move How to Strengthen Your Position and Stay in Control

  • Your next move when the seller says, "That's my best offer take it or leave it!"
  • When the seller can't or won't budge on price: Here's a valuable checklist of things you can and should negotiate on
  • Creative bargaining alternatives: how to respond when a price increase is inevitable
  • A simple way to figure cost analysis

Use These Tools and Techniques to Gain the Upper Hand and Come Out a Winner!

  • When you can't meet in person: tools, techniques, and methods for negotiating electronically
  • Learning to "listen between the lines" and quietly build your case
  • What motivates sellers? What are they really thinking? Insider information to help you understand "what's inside their heads" and use it to your advantage!
  • Tips for coming on powerfully and assertively without being seen as an aggressor
  • When talks fall apart and negotiations "hit a wall" here's how to break deadlocks and move forward
  • Negotiating the contract: Don't get tangled up in the fine print
  • Essential terms and conditions you'll want to include on every contract

Continuing Education

This event is eligible for the following continuing education credits:

CEU: 0.6 credits

CPE: 6 credits

HRCI: 5.5 credits

Training Seminar Time:


Check-In: 8:30AM  Seminar Program: 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Seminar Summary:

Tools, tactics, and techniques to get the terms, prices, and conditions you want (see full course description) seminars and training is a member of the Seminar News Network and Training News Network Copyright 2008-2014.

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