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How to Manage Conflict & Work Through Disagreements  

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Seminar Summary:

you’ll be equipped with strategies that bring the problem, not the personalities, into focus (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Handling Conflict With Tact & Finesse

Take a fresh approach to an age-old problem

Program Description   Benefits to You
Workshop Agenda    

Program Description

Find Positive Solutions to Negative Situations!

Conflict is bound to happen. Sometimes it comes out of the blue and other times it has been brewing for a while. When the situation finally comes to a head and you’ve got to respond, your reaction makes all the difference. You don’t want to roll over but you don’t want to be rolled on. Flat out: Conflict makes your workday miserable and the wrong move will end up putting a roadblock in your career success. Join us for proven ways to get through these tough situations.

Use proven methods to keep your cool under fire

You’ll start handling conflict without all the negative emotions – the anger, anxiety, guilt or embarrassment that frequently fueled your interactions. The temptations to blow up or shut down will be under control. You’ll be the one to take on the situation with composure, a clearheadedness that brings clarity and resolutions to the issue. At Handling Conflict With Tact and Finesse, you’ll assess your conflict management style – build on your strengths and address your weaknesses.

You’ll learn techniques to defuse tension

Whether the stress occurs between groups of people or you and one other person, you’ll be equipped with strategies that bring the problem, not the personalities, into focus. Diagnose disagreements and discover the hidden causes that are blowing up the situation. Transform the negative energy into useful problem-solving techniques.

Apply different approaches for different personality types and situations

Not all conflict situations are created equal. You won’t get a “one-size-fits-all” approach to conflict management. You’ll recognize each situation for what it is and gain a higher level of understanding to reach positive results. Develop active listening skills and know when it’s better not to confront. No matter when and where the conflict arises, you’ll feel confident, prepared and capable of handling the challenge.

Conflict won’t ever go away but you can handle it – tactfully, positively and confidently!

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How This Seminar Will Benefit You

React or Retreat? Sometimes our reactions under fire surprise even ourselves.
Take this fun quiz and see what you’d do in each instance. If the following situations would make you React (i.e., angry reply, tears, etc.) give yourself 2 points. If you would Retreat and do or say nothing, give yourself 1 point.

1. The person in the cube next to you is always on the phone doing
personal business on company time in a loud voice.

2. You have trouble meeting a deadline because the manager in the other
department did not get information to you in a timely manner.

3. During a departmental brainstorming meeting, you’ve come up with a brilliant
idea. Your peer has taken that idea to the boss and taken credit for it too.

4. You arrive on time for a scheduled meeting. The other person never shows.

5. After you leave work every day, “someone” goes through your desk to
borrow a stapler or a pen or a tablet and never brings anything back.

6. The classical music lover in the next cube is playing music too loud and
you can’t concentrate.

7. You are verbally attacked at a meeting by a co-worker you have always
considered to be a confidante.

8. You find out through the grapevine that a couple of people are
spreading rumors and gossiping about you.

9. You are working on a project with three other employees. One person always
has other commitments and doesn’t pull the load, and you have to do more
than your share to get the job done.

10. Someone passes on something you said in confidence about your boss.

11. Everyone always expects you to pick up the birthday cakes, special
snacks and treats.

12. You are told an offensive off-color joke using language you don’t appreciate.

13. Your friend makes a big-time mistake and knows it. Your long-time friend
asks you not to mention it to your boss.

14. The rules in your company are not applied evenly. Some people don’t have
to keep the same company hours.

15. Other departments are always on break – seems like no one
else in the company ever works.

Scoring: For each React answer, score 2. For each Retreat answer, score 1.

Total points :_________________________

If you scored between 30 and 25, you might be getting the reputation as a warrior. The lessons you’ll learn in Handling Conflict With Tact and Finesse will make sure that your up-front attitude does not cause bad feelings with other staff members.

If you scored between 24 and 20, things that you are letting slide might be building up inside you and cause you to react more strongly to other situations. Handling Conflict With Tact and Finesse will make sure you know the difference between the two major types of conflicts and that you are picking the right subjects to resolve.

If you scored between 19 and 15, you are uncomfortable with conflict situations. This seminar will give you strategies for approaching people tactfully while still expressing your true feelings on the matter. Those “butterflies” you keep getting will disappear as you begin to use conflict-resolution techniques.

The toughest thing about conflict is that there is no one “right way.” Different
situations call for different approaches. Handling Conflict With Tact and Finesse will help you recognize the manifestations of conflict and give you an entire arsenal for defusing and disarming its negative effects.

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Workshop Agenda

Understanding how conflict occurs - so you can head it off at the pass!

  • Common myths about conflict that lead us astray
  • Exploring the basic causes of conflict
  • Surefire strategies for minimizing causes of conflict so it doesn't arise in the first place
  • The accepted approaches to conflict management and when each is helpful
  • Recognizing why pouting, avoidance, power plays and manipulation never resolve conflict
  • How fear of conflict can hold you back - personally and professionally
  • The plus side of conflict: growth opportunities conflict offers and how to benefit from them

Problem-solving techniques for navigating your way through conflict

  • Critical rules of interpersonal problem-solving that will keep you on track
  • Essential questions to ask yourself before you do anything
  • Exercise: Using problem-solving worksheets to figure out what's really
    going on
  • The 3-step A.C.E. Method to conflict resolution
  • Conflict-resolution skills every professional should know
  • Compromising positions that work
  • Big "don'ts" to avoid during conflict

Never the twain shall meet: Managing differences between others

  • Should you get involved? Here's how to decide
  • How to diagnose disagreements
  • Secrets master diplomats use to negotiate agreement between
    "warring parties"
  • The importance of avoiding the "placing blame" trap
  • The art of turning arguments into fact-gathering, team-building pluses
  • Critical steps that lead to agreement
  • Building a framework of trust for your team or work unit
  • Power tips for dealing effectively with various negative behaviors


How assertiveness can help you lead, motivate and persuade others


  • Steps for getting beyond fear of confrontation
  • Turning your anxiety into an asset
  • Confrontation 101: “How-to’s” for confronting someone in a calm, professional manner
  • Stop … think … use your head: how to
    avoid over-reacting
  • How to neutralize paralyzing emotions
  • If tears threaten: proven techniques for stemming the flow
  • Breaking the guilt-bind
  • Self-validation: a powerful take-home tool that teaches you how to come out on top in conflict


Managing anger - your own and that of others

  • Basic facts you should know about anger
  • Subtle symptoms of unacknowledged anger
  • The lost art of anger management: an easy-to-use 4-stage anger response
  • Ways to deal with anger appropriately
  • How to get your point across without blowing your top
  • What you must know to minimize antagonistic behavior
  • Tactics for defusing an angry person during a confrontation
  • Crisis management: What to do when someone's anger threatens to
    turn into violence


SPECIAL SECTION: How to handle specific confrontational situations with ease

  • Techniques for dealing with backstabbing and ridicule
  • What to do when you're challenged or put down in front of others
  • Tips for handling criticism without getting defensive or upset
  • How to deal with people who treat you disrespectfully
  • Recognizing and dealing effectively with the aggressive tactics of others
  • What to do if someone gets verbally abusive during a disagreement
  • How to respond when others try to drag you into an argument you
    want no part of






Opening up the lines of communication to minimize conflict

  • The 3 C's of conflict communication
  • Essential speaking skills for conflict situations
  • Choosing your words well: Increase understanding and the battle
    is half won
  • Conflict-escalating words that should never leave your lips during confrontation
  • Keys to direct, clear communication that will end crippling mixed messages forever
  • Active listening skills that will help you hear what's being said -
    and avoid misunderstandings
  • How to follow-up once the confrontation is over

Taking care of No. 1 (that's you!) when conflict takes
its toll

  • Powerful principles for maintaining positive human relationships
    during conflict
  • How to stop self-destructive behaviors
  • Self-talk: Could what you're saying to yourself be sabotaging your efforts?
  • Breaking the cycle of conflict-related stress
  • Dealing with "toxic" stressors
  • Letting go of rage and self-pity
  • The 5-step process for reclaiming your self-esteem

Your Satisfaction Is GUARANTEED!

At National Seminars, our #1 goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed. That's why every seminar, conference and training resource we offer is 100% guaranteed. Every time.

Seminar Summary:

you’ll be equipped with strategies that bring the problem, not the personalities, into focus (see full course description)

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