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Who should attend How to Manage & Organize Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Personnel
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How to Manage & Organize Accounts Payable  

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Accounts Payable Personnel


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Seminar Summary:

Gain control of your accounts payable process with these powerful strategies, tips, and techniques! (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

How to Manage & Organize Accounts Payable

Gain control of your accounts payable process with these powerful strategies, tips, and techniques!

The way AP operations are managed can pay off … or cost plenty.

When it comes to time, resources, and money, your AP operation is filled with opportunities for improvement … and this seminar shows you exactly how to tap into them! You'll learn how to conserve cash resources while keeping vendors satisfied. You'll discover dozens of tips for eliminating the typical time-wasters that deplete your workday. You'll explore ways to cut through the complexities of payment cycles, terms, vendor discounts, and more, and you'll find out how to maximize company resources while minimizing the hassles!

Powerful strategies help you gain control over your enormous workload, prevent errors, and eliminate oversights.

If you've ever felt like you'll never get ahead … if you're working double-time … if you're just hoping you haven't missed something — this seminar is just what you've been waiting for! Learn little-known tips and tricks that can turn an unmanageable mountain of work into a smooth system that will keep you ahead … instead of perpetually behind! You'll master clever checks and balances that catch errors before they slip by. Discover the organization secrets of top AP pros — you'll be able to organize your files, records, and workspace for maximum organization and flow.

One day, and you're on your way.

In just one day, you'll learn the "success skills" that would take years of on-the-job experience to learn on your own (not to mention the mistakes and slip-ups you'd likely make along the way)! How to Manage & Organize Accounts Payable is a virtual "treasure trove" of information that will help you in every aspect of your job. Make the decision to enroll today — invest one day and be on your way!

Seminar Overview

Get Control and Reduce the Pressure: Orchestrate your massive workflow through better organization, communication, and management

  • 4 "kinks" in the payment process: how to identify the most common AP problems, and abolish them from your system
  • How to coordinate bills with purchase orders and related paperwork — in as little as half the time it now takes you
  • A clever mental checklist for invoices: In seconds, you can think through this easy-to-remember checklist and quickly determine the next step
  • Do billing cycles have you going in circles? Simple steps to stay on top of varying and complex billing cycles

Save Time and Money … Every Day! Maximize your valuable time and cash resources

  • Are you paying too soon? How to determine whether your present procedures maximize your organization's cash flow
  • Quick calculations to determine if an early payment discount is a deal … or a dud
  • The 3-Way, 2-Way and 1-Way matching systems: Which one is best for you?
  • What to do immediately when the goods received do not match the invoice
  • When POs and invoices don't match — how to solve the problem swiftly and accurately

Streamline Your Expense Processing! Be sure your expense processes flow smoothly, day in and day out!

  • Is the P-Card right for your organization? We'll help you analyze the pros and cons
  • Tips to quickly identify the hidden "umbrella" of expense padding
  • The art of reducing ASAP invoice processing
  • How to stop those "I need a check today" interruptions once and for all!
  • When reimbursable expenses become taxable income

Stop Struggling with People: Gain everyone's cooperation, inside your organization and out!

  • Key Communication Tips: how to ensure that information flows easily between your department and your entire organization
  • The Vendor/Supplier Relationship: how it's changing … and the price you'll pay if you don't change with it!
  • How to get complete and accurate information from people who buy … without making them feel defensive
  • Difficult people! How to deal with the difficult types you face, including Paper Paranoids, Phantom Managers, Ultra-Questioners, Demanding Vendors, and more!

Learn Insider Info from Experts! Use shortcuts, tips, and tricks from top AP pros!

  • Why suppliers will love doing business with you … how to ensure your valuable vendors are paid on time, every time!
  • Games bad vendors play: 3 deceptive practices you should know about — and be able to spot
  • Petty Cash: how to get control over this much-abused convenience
  • The latest word on regulations and legal issues: the most current laws and facts regarding certain payments and expenses
  • How to determine the legal difference between an independent contractor and an employee
  • Your 1099 vendors: how to accurately track and report them, and be confident you have the right information on file to protect your company in an audit

Defeat the "Paper Mountain!" Make a molehill out of your mountain of files and records!

  • Super-Efficient Vendor Files: a vendor records system that gives you instant access to vital information
  • Swimming in numbers? How to build a system that coordinates control numbers through the entire payment process
  • Year-end reporting: strategies and tips to make it easier this year than ever before
  • How to protect confidential records … and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands
  • Accessible and Protected: how to make your records available to those who need them, while protecting against lost, misplaced, and misused files

Continuing Education

This event is eligible for the following continuing education credits:

CEU: 0.6 credits

CPE: 6 credits

Seminar Time

Seminar check-in 8:30AM Seminar Program 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Seminar Summary:

Gain control of your accounts payable process with these powerful strategies, tips, and techniques! (see full course description)

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