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Who should attend How to Create Exceptional Newsletters
Newsletter editors, Office professionals, Small business owners, Marketing personnel, HR personnel, Administrative assistants, Anyone else who produces a newsletter
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How to Create Exceptional Newsletters  

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Newsletter editors, Office professionals, Small business owners, Marketing personnel, HR personnel, Administrative assistants, Anyone else who produces a newsletter


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Seminar Summary:

Everything you need to know about planning, writing, designing and creating amazing newsletters (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Program Description:


Get the essential skills you need to write and create top-quality
newsletters – in just 2 days of training!

Creating a newsletter is a huge responsibility. You’re in
charge of an essential piece of communication that can enhance your
organization’s image – or damage it. Talk about pressure!

In fact, if you’ve had no formal training in how to produce a
professional, eye-catching newsletter, the job can be a frustrating, stressful
and time-consuming hassle. Sound familiar? You’re in luck! Thanks to How
to Create Exceptional Newsletters
, you can learn everything you need to
know about producing newsletters both you and your organization can be proud of
– all in just two comprehensive days of training!

Want to create professional, amazing newsletters? We’ll
show you how!

This comprehensive, two-day workshop covers all aspects of newsletters from
start to finish: planning, finding content, writing copy, designing, finding
graphics, prepress, printing and much more! And along the way you’ll gain tons
of expert tips and shortcuts for producing attention-grabbing, highly
professional newsletters in less time and with less effort than you ever dreamed

Master newsletter writing and design with help from your trainer – Jenny

You’ll learn from an industry expert in newsletter writing and design, a highly
respected trainer known for delivering “must-know” information in a lively,
interactive way that’s never boring. What’s more, she’ll be able to answer all
your questions and offer keen insight on “what’s hot and what’s not” in
newsletters today. (Meet your trainer on page 4.)

Learn with and from your peers in an exciting,
skill-building environment!

In a relaxed, fun learning environment, you’ll master key skills shoulder to
shoulder with fellow attendees who share your challenges. The two-day workshop
format allows you time to meet your peers and learn from their experiences – and
share yours! You’ll learn what’s worked for them in the past and what hasn’t

Don’t miss this newsletter training opportunity – enroll

Learning newsletter essentials by trial and error is costly to your
organization’s image, not to mention your own. How to Create Exceptional
is the solution you need if you’re serious about writing,
designing and producing eye-appealing newsletters that get rave reviews for your
organization – and for you! So mark your calendar right now, make plans to
attend and enroll quickly while seats are still available.

What You´ll Learn:

After just 2 exciting days of comprehensive training, you’ll …

  1. Learn where to find content ideas that will interest your

  2. Earn rave reviews for eye-catching layouts you’ll create
    from dozens of ideas you’ll get during the workshop

  3. Enhance your newsletter’s message with just the right
    photos and graphics

  4. Never again be embarrassed by typos and copywriting

  5. Boost your copy so that it “speaks” to your specific

  6. Engage readers with attention-grabbers and “hot spots”

  7. Complete newsletters on time and in budget with planning
    and organization strategies you’ll learn

  8. Save your organization time and money by understanding
    basic prepress issues

  9. End the hassles of getting content information from others

  10. Sharpen and tighten your copy with easy editing techniques

  11. Overcome writer’s block and other copywriting curses

  12. Make striking use of color that adds to, rather than
    detracts from, your copy

  13. Improve the quality of both content and graphics with the
    great resources you’ll gain

  14. Get better results than you ever dreamed possible with the
    fundamentals of great graphic design you’ll learn

  15. Eliminate design hassles when you see where to find
    no-cost, low-cost graphics and clip art


Who Should Attend?

  • Newsletter editors

  • Office professionals

  • Small business owners

  • Marketing personnel

  • HR personnel

  • Administrative assistants

  • Anyone else who produces a newsletter

Workshop Agenda:

Day One

Planning Essentials for Developing an Outstanding

  • Establishing newsletter goals: What do you want to
    accomplish with it?

  • Understanding key differences between internal and external

  • A Newsletter Planning Checklist to help you get organized

  • Prepress and printing decisions you must make up front so
    the finished product will be exactly what you want

  • Establishing project deadlines – for yourself and others

The How-To’s of Finding and Creating Quality Content

  • Idea generation techniques that really work

  • Great resources for newsletter content

  • Examples of winning newsletter content

  • Secrets to gaining timely cooperation from others who will
    provide content

  • Your options when content provided by others is poor
    quality, far too long, etc.

Targeting Your Audience and Establishing a Tone

  • Identifying your target audience: Who are they and what
    makes them tick?

  • Discovering the emotional “hot buttons” that motivate your

  • Recognizing the look and sound of professional business
    writing for newsletters

  • The importance of tone – and how to establish one
    consistent with your organization’s image

Writing Newsletter Copy Guaranteed to Engage Your Readers

  • Reader-friendly writing: How to write one-to- one with the
    focus on “you”

  • Strategies for avoiding wordiness and eliminating stiff,
    formal language

  • Secrets to creating attention-grabbing headlines and tag

  • Using subheads to ensure skim-readers don’t miss your main

  • Article length: How long is too long for today’s readers?

How-To’s for Guaranteeing Error-Free Newsletters

  • Editing techniques sure to sharpen and tighten your copy

  • Excellent resources for checking grammar, usage, spelling
    and punctuation

  • Proofreading tricks the pros use to catch every error


Day Two

Planning for a Great Newsletter Design

  • Examples of excellent newsletter design and layout

  • Guidelines for fundamentals of clean, professional
    newsletter design

  • Great resources for finding creative design ideas that
    anyone can use

  • Desktop publishing software programs that make layout a

  • Using thumbnails to map out where you’re going

Boost Your Readers’ Interest With Eye-Catching Graphics and

  • What you must know about copyright law before you “borrow”

  • Sans serif or serif? Selecting type styles that complement
    your message

  • Where to find and purchase graphics and clip art – and how
    to find free graphics

  • Considerations for choosing photographs and illustrations

  • Recognizing when graphics enhance your message – and when
    they distract

  • How and where to add color for the greatest impact

Layout 101: Putting It All Together for Maximum Impact

  • How to coordinate type, graphics and color into one
    cohesive package

  • Using design elements to guide the reader through your

  • Boxes, sidebars, and call-outs: Creating focal points on
    text-heavy pages

  • Tips on using bars, rules, borders and more

Seminar Summary:

Everything you need to know about planning, writing, designing and creating amazing newsletters (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the How to Create Exceptional Newsletters training seminar

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