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Administering, Supporting and Troubleshooting MICROSOFT® WINDOWS 2000  

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Seminar Summary:

2 information-packed days of training that give you the essential know-how you need to get this powerful OS up and running at full throttle (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Program Description

Dear Professionals,

From the moment of its much-awaited launch, Windows 2000 has been embraced by systems professionals as the operating system of choice for business computing. Windows 2000 harnesses the power of NT’s operating system, default features and services, and then takes them to an incredible new level of performance and reliability.

But make no mistake: Windows 2000 is dramatically different from NT. Virtually every aspect has changed from the legacy NT 4.0 operating system. Its advantages are vast, but with more options and features come new complexities and more hurdles to clear.

That’s why we’ve developed this comprehensive new workshop: Administering, Supporting & Troubleshooting Windows 2000. You’ll gain expert know-how for installing, managing, optimizing, integrating, supporting and troubleshooting Windows 2000 Professional and Server Family. Discover which installation methodology will best meet your organization’s unique needs ... explore the Active Directory at the heart of 2000 ... find out how to select the optimal networking protocol for your OS ... understand which key resources to monitor and optimize.

Filled with insider information you simply can’t learn elsewhere, this intensive
workshop is the fastest, easiest way to build your skills in Windows 2000.

Learning shoulder to shoulder with your IT peers, you’ll get a full-scale briefing on the key information you need to run and manage a reliable, rock-solid network that fully supports your end-users. What’s more, you’ll get tons of tips, tricks and shortcuts for maximizing Windows 2000’s killer features.

During 2 comprehensive days of training, you’ll ...

• Uncover the benefits of Windows 2000 hardware support and plug and play
• Discover how a server can become a domain controller, without a reinstall!
• Determine the best way to migrate from NT to 2000
• Learn how to install, configure and deploy every aspect of IntelliMirror
• Take hold of the full power of Group Policy Objects and control the enterprise
• Protect your Windows 2000 network with all of the new security enhancements
• See how DNS has become dynamic and how it will save you hours of configuration
• Implement the new Network Address Translation service so all users gain Internet access with one real IP address
• Establish a solid Active Directory structure that will change the way you administer your networks
• Use new built-in tools to help troubleshoot and recover from disasters to your Windows 2000 servers and domain controllers

And that’s just a sample!

This comprehensive workshop was developed to address your real-life, day-to-day challenges.

Whether your organization is already running Windows 2000, is ready to migrate to 2000 from NT or is considering implementing Windows 2000, this workshop delivers critical information and strategies that will prove absolutely invaluable.

Why struggle to try to learn Windows 2000 on your own when you can gain the know-how you need in just 2 days? Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get “insider” information and expert technical training on this powerful OS.


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What You’ll Learn

1) Understand how DHCP plays a new role in communicating with DNS
2) Discover the DCPROMO command to control your domain controllers
3) Know how to use the 5 FSMOs: PDC, RID, Infrastructure, Domain naming and Schema
4) Configure the Global Catalog servers for your enterprise – correctly!
5) Unlock the complex configuration of delegate control
6) Control the replication traffic of your WAN links by using Sites
7) Optimize the software in your enterprise by the use of Group Policy Objects
8) Properly configure the domains and organizational units for your enterprise
9) Configure domains, trees and forests correctly for optimum growth
10) Know how to use the Active Directory Migration Tool
11) Devise a proper backup plan of the System State
12) Understand what is included in the System State and how it is used
13) Control the use of “My Documents” from an administrative point of view
14) See the new types of groups and how to use them
15) Add users in mass with the LDIFDE tool
16) Make your printers more available with the use of IPP
17) Dive deep into the vast options with NTFS 4.0 Access Control Lists
18) Recognize when to use basic or dynamic disks
19) Know when it is best to use IPSec for securing your network traffic
20) Determine the best methods to properly configure RAS policies
21) See the power of L2TP when used with IPSec
22) Configure a powerful routing scheme with one of the many built-in routing protocols in Windows 2000
23) Unlock the method to gain access to the Active Directory Schema
24) Configure TCP/IP like a veteran with the use of VLSM and CIDR
25) Know when to use the NTDSUTIL utility for optimization and recovery

Who Should Attend...

  • Systems Professionals
  • Analysts
  • Systems Operators
  • Network Administrators
  • Information Systems Trainers
  • Help Desk Professionals
  • Key Operations Professionals
  • IT Supervisors

    ... and anyone else who wants the latest information on installing, integrating, supporting, managing, optimizing and troubleshooting Windows 2000.


Workshop Agenda

Reasons for Windows 2000

Overview of Windows 2000 Features

Windows 2000 Went Through Extreme
Regression Testing

  • BETA program
  • Joint Developer Program (JDP)
  • Rapid Deployment Program (RDP)

Hardware Support

  • Plug and Play
  • Hardware driver versioning

Directory Services – Active Directory

  • Domain controller promotion/demotion capabilities
  • Multi-master domain controller environment
  • Almost limitless Active Directory size limits Active Directory extensibility through the Schema

Client Configurations – IntelliMirror

  • Remote installation service
  • Total control with Group Policy Objects
  • Control user data
  • Control user settings

Security Enhancements
Improved Services



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Operating System Requirements and Compatibility

Hardware Requirements

  • Client – Professional
  • Servers – Server, Advanced and Data Center

Hardware Compatibility

  • Readiness Analyzer can save you time
  • Hardware Compatibility List like you always knew it
  • Take advantage of the Microsoft driver versioning and signatures
  • “Device Manager” is now built-in to 2000

Software Compatibility

  • Readiness Analyzer, not just for hardware
  • Windows 2000 Certified Applications
  • Windows 2000 Compatibility Updates
  • APCOMPAT utility is there in a pinch
  • ACPI vs. APM

File System Options

Client Installation Methodologies


  • Upgrade from 9X or NT
  • Dual boot for your lab or test center
  • Fresh install to be certain what you get

Installation Options

  • Manual installations – if getting paid by the hour
  • Network installations
  • Using a third-party cloning tool
  • Cloning with Sysprep
  • Remote Installation Service (RIS) – if you have 2000 everywhere

Setup Manager to Create Answer Files

  • Using unattend.txt and unattend.udf for the network installs
  • Preparing a sysprep.inf file for the mini-setup of Sysprep
  • How to configure the remboot.sif file to be used with RIS



Active Directory


Built on Standards

  • X.500 is the standard for the Active Directory
  • LDAP for searching the directory database
  • DNS is now dynamic for name resolution
  • Kerberos is a better form of authentication

What the Active Directory Contains
Getting Your Domain Controllers

  • Upgrading from NT 4.0
  • DCPROMO if using Windows 2000

Domains Described

  • Domain name boundary
  • Security boundary
  • Replication boundary

Planting Your Trees in Active Directory

  • Contiguous namespace – one tree
  • Discontiguous namespace – multiple trees

Coverage of Forests
Global Catalog Servers

  • Investigating the default location
  • Describing the need for a Global Catalog
  • Showing how to make a Global Catalog server
  • Reviewing the best practices

Windows 2000 Trusts

  • Kerberos security
  • Automatically configured
  • Two-way, so no more 2 one-ways
  • Now transitive: A trusts B; B trusts C;

A trusts C

  • See when the old NT 4.0 trusts are
    still required

FSMOs Sound Funny, But Are Extremely Important
Replication Sites

  • See what you have when you start
  • Know the reasons for multiple sites
  • Configuration steps for each site
  • Which advanced site configurations do
    you need?

The Schema

  • Definition and scope of the Schema
  • Getting to the configuration and administration tools
  • Understanding the structure of the Schema




Top of Page



Unveiling the New MMC

  • Adding Snap-ins
  • Creating your own custom consoles

Interface Changes

  • My Documents
  • My Network Places
  • Ins and outs of folder customization
  • New file views (hidden and system
    hidden files)
  • See what is new with the start menu configurations
  • Get personal with your menus

Active Directory Administrative Tools
Manipulating Users

  • Take advantage of templates
  • See how the LDIFDE tool allows you to add users in mass

See How OUs Can Change the Way You Administer

  • Delegate Control gives you infinite control
  • Group Policies centralize and optimize your network control

Administration Squad

  • Domain Administrators at each domain
  • Enterprise Administrators control entire forest
  • Leverage the Run As command for flexibility and security

Resource Administration Printers

Client Control

Active Directory Client Extensions

  • Understand the benefits
  • Know the limitations
  • Don’t forget the requirements

User Data

  • Configuring home directories
  • Unique features of Windows 2000 home directories
  • Client’s connection
    – NTFS permissions
  • Leveraging the use of “My Documents”
    – Manual redirection
    – Group policy redirection
  • Understanding Off-line files
  • The use of disk quotas

User Settings

  • Exploring Windows 2000 profiles
    – Locating the profiles directories
    – All Users profile
    – Detailing the users profile
  • Roaming profiles
  • Mandatory profiles

Account Policies to Control Initial Passwords
and Lockout

Rights Configured Centrally Through GPOs
Group Policies

Software Maintenance

  • MSI files and the Windows Installer service
  • Creating packages with WinInstall LE
  • Publishing or Assigning
  • Extension association
  • Auto-heal missing files



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Tracking Security With Auditing the ACL EFS, an Excellent Solution for Securing Stored Data

IPSec Will Help Secure Transmitted Data

  • Implementing the three default configurations
  • Using the IPSec Group Policy configurations
  • See how the IPSECMON utility will help
    with IPSec

Certificate Servers Can Help Lock and Secure
Your Data


Knowing and Selecting the Best Protocol

  • NetBEUI, NWLink, TCP/IP, AppleTalk, DLC
    Core Details About TCP/IP
  • DHCP
  • WINS
  • When do you need WINS?
  • Configuring both clients and servers
  • When do you need push/pull partners
  • The new Dynamic DNS standards
    – SRV Records
    – Dynamic Updates
    – Secure Dynamic Updates
    – IXFR: incremental zone transfer
  • Differentiate the different DNS server
    zone options
  • See how to implement an Active Directory integrated zone
  • Remote Access Options
    – Using Dial-up access for remote clients
    – Configuring a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Unleashing remote access policies on remote access clients
  • Choose your routing protocol: RIP, OSPF
    or IGMP


Windows 2000 Setup Disks

  • See why Windows 2000 has a four-disk set
  • Determine the use of the MAKEBT32 tool
  • NTBACKUP Is New and Improved for Windows 2000
  • Select your supported media – it is different
    from NT
  • Understand when and why the System State is so important
  • The emergency repair disk process is different, let us show you how

Unlocking the Details of Safe Mode Recovery Console

  • Understand the reason for this new feature
  • See how to install the console from the CD or the command line
    NTDSUTIL Is a Must!

See How Windows 2000 Event Viewer Is
Configured and How It Can Troubleshoot

System Optimization

System Monitor (formerly known as Performance Monitor)

  • Determining which view is best for
    your situation
  • Configuring a log for monitoring and benchmarking
  • Saving and manipulating data logs

Key Resources to Monitor and Optimize

  • Configuring the memory subsystem and components
  • See what to monitor and how to configure the disk subsystem
  • Not only will the processor need to be monitored, but also the processes


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At National Seminars, our #1 goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed. That's why every seminar, conference and training resource we offer is 100% guaranteed. Every time.

Seminar Summary:

2 information-packed days of training that give you the essential know-how you need to get this powerful OS up and running at full throttle (see full course description)

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