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Leadership Conference for Women  

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Seminar Summary:

Laugh, learn and be truly inspired at a conference designed to help boost your leadership skills and grow your dreams (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Letter From Conference Chair

Dear Fellow Leader:

Our bold new women’s leadership conference is NOT business as usual! In fact, we guarantee it’s unlike any leadership training you’ve ever experienced.

The real heart and soul of this conference lies in the phenomenal women we’ve chosen to make your day – incredibly dynamic leadership experts who’ve toiled in the trenches facing the same tough day-to-day challenges you do.You’ll hear how these amazingly successful leaders from different walks of life blazed trails through corporate jungles, persevered when the odds were squarely against them and built their dream careers brick by brick.

You’ll find out how they reached the pinnacle of leadership success – and how YOU can, too!

Their inspiring stories – straight from the front lines of leadership – will inform you, entertain you and completely change the way you think about your role as a leader today. Expect to laugh until your sides ache, to be moved to tears, to share great camaraderie with your peers, and to gain tons of smart ideas and techniques that will immediately boost your leadership effectiveness.

Just think of all you have to look forward to at the Leadership Conference for Women! We promise this exhilarating day of training will strengthen your skills, expand your knowledge and reignite your passion for leadership. And frankly, it just won’t be the same without you, so enroll today and join
fellow leaders in your area for a leadership event you’ll never forget!


Sharon Yoder
Conference Chair

P.S. Join us for day two of this conference, where you’ll get even more in-depth training on essential leadership skills.


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Agenda at a Glance

8:30 a.m. Registration begins
9:00 a.m. Welcome and Introductions
9:30 a.m. Communication Savvy for Leadership Success
Featuring Cindy Kubica

Build powerful communication skills fast with the dynamic Cindy Kubica as your guide! Master invaluable techniques for getting your points across effectively, influencing others — and verbally standing your ground.

10:45 a.m. Break
11:00 a.m. Handling Difficult People — Up and Down the Ladder!
Featuring Tara Bazar

Don’t let difficult people derail your success! Let Tara show you how to regain control of your life by dealing effectively with employees, peers and bosses who cause you aggravation and stress. Counteract difficult behavior — the easy way!

12:15 p.m. Break
12:30 p.m. Luncheon Keynote:
What the Very Best Women Leaders Do Better Than the Rest
Featuring Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks

Why do some leaders outshine the rest? Ask a shining example of leadership like the larger-than-life Dr. Kim! She’ll share her success secrets and help you discover how you, too, can be among the best and brightest leaders.

2:30 p.m. Break
2:45 p.m. Conference Forum: Leadership Essentials for the Long Haul
Featuring Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks, Cindy Kubica and Tara Bazar

Join our speakers for a lively, no-holds-barred discussion of what lies ahead for leaders like you, how your role is changing and what skills you’ll need to lead effectively in the next few years — and beyond.

4:00 p.m. Day One of the Conference Concludes
Day Two
9:00 a.m. Morning Workshop:
Dealing With Negativity, Unacceptable Behavior and Other Tough Employee Performance Problems
Featuring Anne Mussatti

Problem employees drain your organization’s productivity, waste precious time and infect others with their bad habits. Behavior expert Anne Mussatti offers powerful strategies for transforming poor performers and bad attitudes.

11:45 p.m. Lunch Break – Lunch is on your own on Day Two – giving you a perfect opportunity to network on your own with fellow conference attendees
1:15 p.m. Afternoon Workshop:
Balancing Priorities & Managing Stress: Essential “How-to’s” for Leaders
Featuring Anne Mussatti

Trying to do it all? Leaders who stretch themselves too thin inevitably suffer major stress. Find out how to match your activities with your priorities — and to say goodbye to stress!

4:00 p.m. Day Two of the Conference Concludes

Speaker Descriptions

Cindy Kubica

Get ready to be inspired by award-winning speaker Cindy Kubica, a dynamo whose trademark wit and wisdom and high-energy presentations are as entertaining as they are insightful!

Through incredibly inspiring stories based on her own life journey from shy, tongue-tied youngster to nationally acclaimed speaker with TV and film credits, Cindy demonstrates how a powerful communication style can be your ticket to the kind of success dreams are made of! She’s used her remarkable communication knowledge and expertise to help business professionals throughout the world speak with greater authority, influence and clarity.

Cindy’s super-lively presentations are packed with real-world examples, fun “how-to’s” and practical techniques you can put to work immediately to be a stronger, more effective communicator. Her extraordinary energy, ability to speak from the heart, genuine desire to help others and endearing sense of humor all combine to create an unforgettable experience you’ll learn from, enjoy – and won’t be able to stop talking about!

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Tara Bazar

Tara Bazar is a woman with a mission: to help you take control of your life!
Operations director and personal coach for Vision Network, Tara spreads her message of self-empowerment throughout the country to professionals in every type of business and industry, weaving real-life examples, her amazing personal experiences and a hearty dose of humor into her highly in-demand programs.

With dual degrees in sociology and psychology, her extensive background and knowledge of human behavior will help you understand what makes others tick – and how to keep difficult, negative people from controlling your personal and professional life.

Hailed nationwide as an exceptional speaker on women’s leadership issues, Tara’s effervescent energy and sparkling enthusiasm are catching. Her highly interactive learning session will engage you directly in problem solving, guide you to a new level of understanding of your unlimited potential – and keep you asking for more!

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Anne Mussatti

Ready to succeed in ways you never dreamed possible? Then you’re ready for an inspiring day of learning with Anne Mussatti!

Vibrant and genuine, Anne has utilized her exceptional communication skills and uncanny ability to immediately connect with people to achieve extraordinary success in wide-ranging leadership positions, from union contract negotiator to branch manager of a 24-hour care facility to nationally sought-after professional speaker.

Named “Woman of the Year” by her alma mater and holding a master’s degree, Anne brings a winning combination of academic excellence, practical life experience and amazing drive and determination to her unforgettable programs. Filled with lively exercises and examples, her sessions are so much fun you forget you’re learning serious skills! She borrows her personal mission statement from Eleanor Roosevelt: “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” Spend a training day with Anne, and watch your motivation do the impossible – take flight!

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We’re Pleased to Present a Sure-to-Be Memorable Luncheon Keynote Featuring One of the Most Exciting Women of Our Time …

Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks

If you don’t think your life can change over lunch, then you’ve never met the likes of the inimitable “Dr. Kim”!

Described as a “one-woman emotional typhoon,” Kimberly Ventus-Darks, Ph.D., has achieved phenomenal success as an author, magazine columnist, motivational speaker, adjunct faculty member at four colleges, and founder and president of Purpose and Destiny Development Center, which is dedicated to helping individuals experience personal and professional growth in a variety of areas.

With her larger-than-life personality and confidence to spare, Dr. Kim’s amazing take-no-prisoners speaking style has skyrocketed her career, making her among the most in-demand trainers in the nation. She travels the country inspiring awe and transforming lives as she speaks to thousands of professional women each month on how to develop leadership excellence.

Author of the highly acclaimed book, When You Know That You Are Special But Your Life Is Ordinary, she also contributed to the celebrated Wit and Wisdom From the Buppie Club and has written When Self Is Your Greatest Obstacle. She’s also released a highly successful motivational cassette and CD, “Release It and Let It Go.” Through her quarterly national newsletter, “Confident & Capable,” Dr. Kim coaches women in her no-nonsense approach to building unshakable self-confidence and “walking with a renewed sense of boldness.” She has also published a bi-monthly newsletter, “Destiny.”

Connecting with her audiences in a way most speakers can only dream of, Dr. Kim believes that each and every presentation should be a “personal retreat” in which she helps participants strive for personal and professional excellence. Her powerful, inspirational approach has given countless individuals the energy and motivation they need to apply her training to their own lives – for incredible results!

An exceptional motivator who is profoundly wise, Dr. Kim leads sessions that are empowering, highly insightful and deeply moving – learning programs often described as “transformational” and “life-changing.” One of the best-loved trainers for the NBLA, she’ll make you laugh, make you cry and make you eager to live your life in bold new ways. Prepare for a spellbinding training adventure you’ll never forget with the one and only Dr. Kim!


Post Conference Workshop Descriptions

MORNING WORKSHOP – 9:00 to 11:45 a.m.

Dealing With Negativity, Unacceptable Behavior and Other Employee Performance Problems
Featuring Anne Mussatti

It takes only one rotten attitude to spoil your entire team, only one rule breaker to “infect” the rest of the group you lead with bad work habits. That’s why our esteemed expert in “people skills” will give you powerful solutions for turning around common employee performance problems.

You’ll learn how to ...

  • Discover various types of difficult personalities – and how to deal effectively with each
  • Master the “assertive response” – a leader’s key to confronting and turning around unacceptable behavior
  • Discover how to deliver positive feedback in a way that results in improved performance
  • Recognize how you influence an employee’s attitude and performance – both deliberately and inadvertently
    (Lunch is on your own on Day Two.)


AFTERNOON WORKSHOP – 1:15 to 4:00 p.m.

Balancing Priorities & Managing Stress: Essential “How-to’s” for Leaders Featuring Anne Mussatti

You shoulder enormous responsibility as a leader, which means you’re more likely than others to spread yourself too thin and pay the price in stress. Learn how to identify and tune in to your real priorities at work and at home – and how to “say no and let go” of the rest.

You’ll learn how to ...

  • Identify top priorities at work and at home – and rearrange your activities to match them
  • Pinpoint your major stressors – and develop a plan to eliminate or avoid them
  • Say no without feeling guilty, angry or embarrassed
  • Implement stress-reducing strategies that will
    energize you

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At National Seminars, our #1 goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed. That's why every seminar, conference and training resource we offer is 100% guaranteed. Every time.

Seminar Summary:

Laugh, learn and be truly inspired at a conference designed to help boost your leadership skills and grow your dreams (see full course description)

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