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Fundamentals of Effective Project Management  

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Seminar Summary:

This comprehensive two-day workshop gives you a practical approach to managing the resources, people, deadlines and real-world challenges required to bring any project in on time, on target and on budget (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Program Description

This skill-packed two-day workshop is guaranteed to get you up to speed fast on the latest, most effective project management techniques and strategies available. In addition, you'll learn literally dozens of practical project management "how-to's" and tips from the pros that will save you time, money and effort along the way.

Not only will you gain the same powerful tools top researchers and scientists use to plan and manage projects ­ like PERT, GANTT and CPM ­ you'll get step-by-step direction in plain English on how to make these potent time-savers work for you. Learn the key concepts in this results-focused workshop, and you'll repay the cost of attending tenfold within the first few weeks as you use your newfound expertise to maintain tighter control on all aspects of the project and reduce costly delays and errors.

Bottomline: Invest just two days in this essential project management workshop, and you'll eliminate unnecessary expenditures, avoid "people problems" and stamp out waste as you manage projects more effectively than ever before!

What You’ll Learn

  1. Develop a project plan starting at ground zero
  2. Build creative and productive project teams dedicated to seeing each project through to the finish
  3. Stay on top of every detail using the exclusive Task Tracker system
  4. Put the power of scheduling and planning tools like PERT, CPM and GANTT to work right away
  5. Schedule even the most complex projects with relative ease
  6. Know how to establish aggressive yet realistic time guidelines
  7. Identify project waste and eliminate it
  8. Define and communicate team goals and priorities so everyone knows what¹s expected of them
  9. Build support for your projects from other departments and higher-ups
  10. Establish priorities for the project when everything seems urgent
  11. Cut project costs by maximizing all your resources, from time and money to team talents
  12. Identify and head off 11 roadblocks to productivity - before your project gets derailed
  13. Use contingency plans to handle project changes and obstacles without getting stressed out
  14. Turn waste-of-time meetings into productive work sessions team members can't afford to miss
  15. Recognize when personality conflicts are flaring on the project team and head them off
  16. Establish specific action plans that will guide your project team to success
  17. Monitor every step of the project so no detail falls through the cracks
  18. Overcome team resistance to your project management direction and ideas without causing resentment
  19. Keep project team members motivated, focused and enthused
  20. Capitalize on your leadership strengths to capture your team's full support and commitment

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers and Team Leaders
  • Supervisors, Managers and Department Heads
  • Anyone who wants to manage projects from start to finish with greater effectiveness and efficiency


Workshop Agenda

Getting Started-You as the Successful Project Manager

  • What are the controlling factors every project manager must contend with?How can they determine the success or failure of your project?
  • Discover the keys to project planning: analyze your budget and time constraints easily...and accurately
  • Learn to fulfill your duties as a project manager without letting other responsibilities slip
  • Find out helpful tips that encourage creativity without stifling team members or team goals
  • Recognize 5 key characteristics all successful project managers hold-which ones do you possess, and where do you need work?

Building a Solid Project Team

  • Learn vital strategies for team-building and getting everyone "up to speed"
  • Become the kind of leader who keeps the project moving forward, even when the going gets tough
  • Identify 4 common team structures and what projects work best with each
  • Plan tasks and responsibilities effectively by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of every team member... yourself included!

Mastering the 4 I's...

Your Key to Guaranteed Project Success Today... How to get projects on the right track so you don't get sidetracked

  • Discover powerful strategies that will help organize your ideas, set your priorities and accurately assess your time and money resources
  • 5 sources of authority-know where to gain the power to get the project done
  • Get project stakeholders "on board" and firmly committed to your objectives
  • Learn how to communicate effectively...and authoritatively...with people up and down the project line


How to put people together and working cooperatively


  • Learn which actions you must take...and each stage of the project cycle
  • 5 steps you can take to steer your project successfully through office politics
  • 9 reasons why projects fail-assess your risk before you begin!
  • Master our exclusive Task Tracker™ method-organize even the most complex tasks into bite-size, manageable pieces
  • Learn 7 positive steps that give purpose to every meeting


What to do to make sure the daily grind of work doesn't cause your project to grind to a halt

  • Gain commitment and cooperation for your matter what the time matter what the goal
  • 11 roadblocks that can stall your team's productivity
  • Paper-free, hassle-free information-keep others informed of your progress with no additional effort
  • How to deal quickly and confidently with inevitable project changes
  • 12 easy steps to more accurate time and cost estimates and control
  • 7 steps that help you evaluate the glut of project management software available...before you buy

How to make sure everything fits together and runs smoothly

  • 6 strategies that help you anticipate team and project problems
  • How to avoid making mistakes when you're under pressure
  • Develop essential project plans easily by using GANTT, PERT and CPM charting methods
  • 5 powerful ways to keep conflict to a minimum on any project team
  • 9 steps that help you "wrap it up" easily and completely


Class Time:  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM;  Check-in first day begins at 8:30 AM



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Seminar Summary:

This comprehensive two-day workshop gives you a practical approach to managing the resources, people, deadlines and real-world challenges required to bring any project in on time, on target and on budget (see full course description)

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