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Location: Azure Hotel & Suites in Ontario, CA

1/17/2017  to  1/18/2017 Business Writing and Grammar Skills Made Easy and Fun! (by SkillPath Seminars)
1/19/2017  to  1/20/2017 Management & Leadership Skills for First-Time Supervisors and Managers (by National Seminars Training Group)
1/24/2017  to  1/24/2017 The All-New One-Day Administrative Assistants Conference (by National Seminars Training Group)
1/25/2017  to  1/26/2017 Controlling Chaos and Thriving Under Pressure (by SkillPath Seminars)
2/8/2017  to  2/8/2017 Getting the Most from Microsoft© Excel© (by SkillPath Seminars)
2/9/2017  to  2/9/2017 Business Writing Basics for Professionals (by SkillPath Seminars)
3/10/2017  to  3/10/2017 Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines (by SkillPath Seminars)
3/22/2017  to  3/22/2017 The Secrets to Being a Front Desk Superstar (by SkillPath Seminars)
4/19/2017  to  4/19/2017 Employment Law 101 for Managers (by National Seminars Training Group)
5/3/2017  to  5/4/2017 Advanced Microsoft© Excel© Techniques (by SkillPath Seminars)
5/11/2017  to  5/11/2017 Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor (by SkillPath Seminars)



1/9/2017  to  1/9/2017 Human Resources for Anyone with Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities (by CareerTrack Seminars)
2/23/2017  to  2/23/2017 The Ultimate Supervisor (by CareerTrack Seminars)
2/24/2017  to  2/24/2017 Front Desk Safety & Security (by CareerTrack Seminars)
3/27/2017  to  3/27/2017 Advanced Microsoft® Excel® - Macros, PivotTables, Charts and More (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
3/28/2017  to  3/28/2017 FMLA Compliance (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
4/5/2017  to  4/5/2017 Mistake-Free Grammar and Proofreading (by CareerTrack Seminars)
4/27/2017  to  4/27/2017 Leadership Skills for Women (by CareerTrack Seminars)
5/3/2017  to  5/3/2017 Leadership, Team-Building and Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
5/24/2017  to  5/24/2017 Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 Basics (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
5/25/2017  to  5/25/2017 Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010: Beyond the Basics (by Fred Pryor Seminars)



12/13/2016  to  12/13/2016 Mistake-Free Grammar and Proofreading (by CareerTrack Seminars)
1/12/2017  to  1/12/2017 Management Skills for Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, and Support Staff (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
1/18/2017  to  1/18/2017 Basic Supervision (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
1/19/2017  to  1/20/2017 How to Communicate with Tact & Professionalism  (by CareerTrack Seminars)
1/25/2017  to  1/25/2017 How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
2/6/2017  to  2/10/2017 CAL/OSHA 30-Hour Compliance Course (5-day) (by CareerTrack Seminars)
2/28/2017  to  2/28/2017 Communicate with Tact and Professionalism (1-day) (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
3/14/2017  to  3/14/2017 Making the Transition from Staff to Supervisor (by CareerTrack Seminars)
3/15/2017  to  3/16/2017 Facilities Management - A 2-Day Comprehensive Course (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
3/22/2017  to  3/23/2017 The Complete Guide to HR Management - Comprehensive Training for HR Managers (by CareerTrack Seminars)
3/29/2017  to  3/29/2017 How to Manage Conflict and Confrontation (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
4/4/2017  to  4/4/2017 Payroll Law (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
4/11/2017  to  4/11/2017 The Social Media Marketing Conference (by CareerTrack Seminars)
4/19/2017  to  4/19/2017 Speed Reading with Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics® (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
4/25/2017  to  4/25/2017 Cal/OSHA Compliance (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
5/2/2017  to  5/2/2017 Collections Law (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
5/10/2017  to  5/10/2017 The Outstanding Receptionist (morning) (by CareerTrack Seminars)
5/10/2017  to  5/10/2017 The Outstanding Receptionist (afternoon) (by CareerTrack Seminars)
5/15/2017  to  5/15/2017 Understanding Financial Statements (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
5/23/2017  to  5/23/2017 Managing Emotions Under Pressure (by CareerTrack Seminars)
6/1/2017  to  6/1/2017 Basic Supervision (by Fred Pryor Seminars)


Location: The Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA

2/23/2017  to  2/23/2017 Tai Chi for Rehabilitation: Hands-on Certification for Therapists (by Cross Country Education Seminars)


Location: The Embassy Suites Ontario Airport in Ontario, CA

1/26/2017  to  1/26/2017 Getting the PIQ-ture: Assessing and Treating Common Pediatric Patients (by Cross Country Education Seminars)


Location: The Facility provided with registration in Ontario, CA

2/13/2017  to  2/14/2017 Basic Electricity for Non-Electricians (by TPC Trainco (formerly American Trainco))
2/15/2017  to  2/16/2017 Electrical Troubleshooting & Preventive Maintenance (by TPC Trainco (formerly American Trainco))
2/27/2017  to  2/28/2017 2017 National Electric Code (by TPC Trainco (formerly American Trainco))
3/1/2017  to  3/2/2017 Arc Flash Protection & Electrical Safety  (by TPC Trainco (formerly American Trainco))
3/20/2017  to  3/21/2017 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  (by TPC Trainco (formerly American Trainco))
3/22/2017  to  3/23/2017 HVAC Electrical Controls & Air Distribution (by TPC Trainco (formerly American Trainco))
4/18/2017  to  4/19/2017 Pump Repair & Maintenance (by TPC Trainco (formerly American Trainco))
5/22/2017  to  5/23/2017 PLC - PLCs for Non-Programmers (by TPC Trainco (formerly American Trainco))
5/24/2017  to  5/25/2017 PLC Programming and Applications - 2-Day Hands-On (by TPC Trainco (formerly American Trainco))



12/6/2016  to  12/6/2016 Dealing with Difficult People (by CareerTrack Seminars)
12/7/2016  to  12/7/2016 A Crash Course for the First-Time Manager or Supervisor (by CareerTrack Seminars)
12/8/2016  to  12/8/2016 Cal/OSHA Compliance (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
12/16/2016  to  12/16/2016 The Controller's Workshop (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
1/31/2017  to  1/31/2017 Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 Basics (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
2/1/2017  to  2/1/2017 Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010: Beyond the Basics (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
2/8/2017  to  2/8/2017 Project Management Workshop (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
2/16/2017  to  2/16/2017 Communication Skills for Women (by CareerTrack Seminars)
2/17/2017  to  2/17/2017 Business Writing for Results (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
3/9/2017  to  3/9/2017 The Conference for Administrative Assistants (by CareerTrack Seminars)


Location: The Radisson Ontario Airport in Ontario, CA

12/5/2016  to  12/6/2016 The Master Course for Today's Managers (by SkillPath Seminars)
12/7/2016  to  12/7/2016 The Indispensable Assistant (by SkillPath Seminars)
12/13/2016  to  12/13/2016 The Conference on Leadership Development and Teambuilding (by SkillPath Seminars)
12/15/2016  to  12/15/2016 Creative Leadership and Managing an Innovative Team (by SkillPath Seminars)
2/7/2017  to  2/7/2017 How to Become a Better Communicator (by SkillPath Seminars)
2/8/2017  to  2/8/2017 Lymphedema & Complete Decongestive Therapy: What Every Clinician Needs to Know (by Cross Country Education Seminars)
2/13/2017  to  2/14/2017 Fundamentals of Successful Project Management (by SkillPath Seminars)
2/24/2017  to  2/24/2017 How to Communicate With Tact, Professionalism, and Diplomacy (by National Seminars Training Group)
3/6/2017  to  3/6/2017 Stroke Rehab: Impairment-Based Interventions for all Stages of Recovery (by Cross Country Education Seminars)
3/16/2017  to  3/17/2017 How to Excel at Managing and Supervising People (by SkillPath Seminars)
3/21/2017  to  3/21/2017 Leadership & Management for Women (by National Seminars Training Group)
3/29/2017  to  3/29/2017 Coaching and Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors (by SkillPath Seminars)
3/30/2017  to  3/31/2017 Communicating With Tact, Diplomacy and Professionalism (by SkillPath Seminars)
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