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 Dealing with Change Onsite Training


Category: GENERAL MGMT - Conflict/Change Management

Develop a proactive and skilled approach to managing critical changes.


 Trial Technology


Category: LAW - Law Enforcement

Trial Technology. This class may contain State specific information. Check the Dates and locations window for dates and locations of this event.


 2544 Advanced Web Application Technologies with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005


Category: COMPUTERS / IT

This workshop provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The workshop focuses on advanced user interfaces, Web site functionality, and implementation details.


 2576 Implementing and Administering Microsoft Internet Information Services


Category: COMPUTERS / IT

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to implement and administer IIS 6.0. The course focuses on the IIS 6.0 architectural features that improve reliability, security, manageability and performance.


 Beyond HIPAA: Developing Your Privacy and Information Security Programs in Healthcare Organizations


Category: Compliance-Regulation

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights, regulators describe HIPAA as the “floor” with respect to what is required of healthcare organizations to protect patient data and related information assets


 Biotech/Biosimilar Products: Current and Emerging Analytical CMC Expectations: 2-Day In-Person Seminar


Category: Compliance-Regulation

This two day interactive course on CMC requirements for biopharmaceutical products will focus on the types of analytical CMC studies that are critical to the successful review and approval of product IND/IMPD and BLA/MAA filings


 Biotechnology Ventures: Beyond the Basics


Category: LAW

This seminar will give you the essential techniques and strategies you need to adeptly advise your clients on the best routes to take during biotech ventures.


 Business Analysis Essentials


Category: BUSINESS-Business Analysis


 CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 Confidentiality And Privacy Of Medical Information



The seminar will explore health information issues under West Virginia law and provide practical guidance on how to handle everyday health information-related issues.


 Contracts Lab: Understanding Your Rights, Remedies & Flexibilities


Category: COMPUTERS / IT

During this seminar you will find out how to evaluate clauses from both the customer’s and supplier’s perspective; you will be able to identify the risk for each clause’s core concepts and to devise potential “fallback” positions for each; you’ll acquire the knowledge necessary to make your contracts easier to manage; and you’ll improve your negotiation skills.


 Crafting Professional Service Agreements and Writing Effective Statements of Work



Benefits of Attendance•Gain an understanding of the important provisions in all Professional Service Agreements (PSA)•Ascertain the essential components of project success—it’s in the details•Mesh the customer-written Professional Service Agreement with the Statement of Work•Become versed in how to defuse vendor open-ended time and materials (T&M) requests•Determine how to CAP costs•Learn the elements and benefits of requiring status reports•Provide administartive powers to the client•Grasp the concept…the right work done right


 Do Better Deals: Are You Begging Or Negotiating



Get answers and reliable negotiating insights. Learn a proven methodology for managing and controlling acquisitions.


 Essential Law Practice Management


Category: LAW

Gain the experience of years' worth of trial and error with this concise guide to managing your legal practice.


 Essentials Of USP Microbiology - Reading Between the Lines of the USP General and Information Microbiology Chapters: 2-Day In-Person Seminar


Category: Compliance-Regulation

The objective of this two day Essentials of USP Microbiology seminar is to explore USP General and General Information Chapters


 E-Technology at School: Preventing Lawsuits


Category: LAW

Our experienced faculty will help you stay educated on the risks and legal precedents in our ever-changing electronic world.


 Gerontechnology: Assistive Technology That Will Change Patient Care



Learn about emerging technologies impacting older Americans. Focus on technologies affecting the most costly aspects of healthcare including management of chronic illness, fall management and limited treatment options of patients in rural areas.


 Global Issues of IT Contracting & Software Hot Topics



Benefits of Attendance•Discover new landscapes and new “lawscapes.”•Avoid the IT distributor “trap.”•Understand the cultural challenges to negotiations.•Become versed in software trends and how to brace for change.•Gain insight into the best practices in software acquisition and supplier management.•Learn how to construct supplier audit language that works.


 Health Care Informatics Technology in Rehabilitation: Using technology to advance your clinical practice



Lead your therapy practice in the integration and application of computer guided health care! Attend this comprehensive health care informatics seminar to discover how to get your practice up to speed with new technology.


 How to Manage an IT Help Desk


Category: COMPUTERS / IT

Discover expert strategies to manage IT requests with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness for higher end-user satisfaction


 How to Measure and Justify IT Services


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 Improve Your Analytical Skills: Making Information Work for You



Assess and synthesize information so it’s meaningful to you and your business.


 Information Systems Security Assessment: Minimizing Risk And Business Impact



In this one-day seminar, you will learn how to recognize risk and minimize business impact.


 Interpreting Medical Information: Finding the Clues for Your Case


Category: LAW - Medical

Use Medical Records to Your Advantage!


 IT Procurement Summit



The CAUCUS IT Procurement Summit is a greatly anticipated annual event tailored specifically for the technology acquisition professional. Every year, the conference brings together top subject matter experts in technology procurement, strategic sourcing, and contract and vendor management. This peer-to-peer conference is a forum for sharing up-to-the-minute ideas and industry best practices.


 ITIL Foundation


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 ITIL Service Capability: Operational Support and Analysis


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 ITIL Service Capability: Planning Protection and Optimization


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 ITIL Service Capability: Release Control and Validation


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 ITIL Service Capability: Service Offerings and Agreements


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 ITIL Service Lifecycle: Continual Service Improvement


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 ITIL Service Lifecycle: Service Design


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 ITIL Service Lifecycle: Service Operation


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 ITIL Service Lifecycle: Service Strategy


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 ITIL Service Lifecycle: Service Transition


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 ITIL v3: Managing Across the Lifecycle


Category: COMPUTERS / IT


 Knowledge Management (KM)



Take a moment and think about all the information that each person has in their brain, That’s a lot of knowledge! Today’s culture thrives on knowledge. “Knowledge is power” that gives us advantages for making decisions. Learn the tools to effectively begin implementing knowledge management in your organization, no matter what the size or the budget.


 Let's Roll! The Art of Performing Seating and Mobility Evaluations



This seminar covers performing seating and mobility evaluations as well as the skills to incorporate assistive technology into therapeutic practice. Evaluation and assessment techniques and procedures will be presented, including common diagnoses.


 Management Of Medical Information



This seminar is designed to examine key issues of law concerning the confidentiality of medical information and to assist the attendee in the practical application of such laws to everyday practice.


 Managing a World-Class IT Department



IT management concerns the most critical operation in the organization.


 Managing Today’s IT and Technical Professionals



You have the experience and the technical skills. Now add the management know-how to take charge an drive results!


 Microsoft Access 2007/2010 – Complete - SLAP-1084


Category: COMPUTERS / SW - Office Software

This is an all inclusive hands-on course designed for beginners and it teaches the student how to install and use Microsoft Access 2007 / 2010. No prior experience and or knowledge are assumed. However, it is expected that the student possesses elementary computer skills and a basic understanding of the Windows file structure.


 Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010 – Complete - SNAP-1144


Category: COMPUTERS / SW - Office Software

This course defines the concepts behind Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010 and explains how it is deployed, configured, and used within a business / office environment. Included are the basics of how to use SharePoint as an effective tool to integrate office information and communications and the details needed to install, maintain, and manage it from an administrator's perspective.


 Next Generation Quantitative Tools: Online Innovations, Mobile, Best Practices


Category: MARKETING - Marketing Research

During this two-day seminar, get up to date with the most recent developments relating to Web surveys and learn the when, where, why, and how about online research.


 Online Privacy and Information Security


Category: LAW

Learn best practices for protecting individual rights and ensuring business and HR practices comply with the law


 School Law: New Liabilities in the Age of Technology


Category: LAW - School Law

Our experienced faculty will help you stay educated on the risks and legal precedents in our ever-changing electronic world.


 Telecommunications RFP's - The In's and The Outs & Telecommunications Hot Topics



Benefits of Attendance•Understand the opportunities and challenges of telecommunications—today and with next generation platforms •Become aware of the current telecommunications landscape•Learn how changes, mega mergers, as well as evolving technology can affect your ability to negotiate for data and voice services•Reinforce the absolute requirement for due diligence and planning of telecommunications spend through proven and repeatable processes


 The Fundamentals of Biotechnology Law


Category: LAW

At this seminar, you ll learn the fundamentals of biotechnology law, so you can confidently advise and advocate in the areas of patent prosecution and enforcement, licensing and litigation.


 The HITECH-HIPAA Updates: New Changes to the Regulations, New Enforcement, and Audits



This seminar will explain the new rules as well as new requirements related to electronic health records that will require changes to policies, procedures, and even notices of privacy practices.


 Understanding Health Information Technology


Category: LAW - Health Care

Register today and receive information on qualifying EHRs that can receive incentive payments through Medicare or Medicaid as early as 2011.


 Using Technology to Win Your Case


Category: LAW

This full-day legal technology workshop will give you practical insight and training from experienced professionals that will make the transition to technology painless.


 What You Need To Know About Public Records And Open Public Meetings



This seminar will address all of these issues: New Jersey's Open Public Records Act, Sunshine Law, Freedom of Information Act and more


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