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Clear and Concise E-mail and Business Writing  


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Seminar Summary:

The e-mails and business communications you send say a lot about you. Are you sure yours send the right message? (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Clear and Concise E-mail and Business Writing Seminar

You’ll learn …

  • How to ensure every e-mail you write gets opened and read
  • How to convey the tone you mean to convey in all your written communications
  • How to use more of Outlook®’s features to be more productive
  • How to write meaningful subject lines that get attention
  • And much more!

Take a look at the e-mails in your inbox. How many contain rambling sentences, misleading subject lines, poor grammar, improper word usage and (yikes) typos? A lot? No surprise. Poorly written, ineffective e-mails are epidemic in today’s workplace. Why don’t people get to the point, for heaven’s sake, instead of sending out confusing dissertations that waste your precious time? And worse, generate e-mail after e-mail after e-mail to clarify.

Our feelings exactly! And that leads to the next question: How can you ensure every e-mail you send is a model of communication excellence that stands out for all the right reasons—even if writing doesn’t come naturally for you?

The answer: Attend our new “how-to-do-it” seminar, Clear and Concise E-mail and Business Writing. In one day, you’ll learn how to spend less time and effort writing … write more clearly, concisely and confidently … and make none of the embarrassing mistakes you see others make. With dozens of examples, this confidence-boosting seminar will show you how to easily and immediately improve everything you write from here on out—with a special emphasis on e-mail.

Program hours: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Clear and Concise E-mail and Business Writing Seminar Agenda:

The new rules for improving e-mail results and productivity

  • Dispelling common myths about e-mail
  • Why striking the right tone in e-mail is so important—and so difficult
  • In praise of bullets: Learn how to use them so your reader can zoom right in
  • Subject lines: What works, what doesn’t … we’ll show you
  • Semicolons don’t belong in e-mail! How to keep sentences short
  • Don’t write a novel! Cutting excess words saves you and your reader time
  • How to quickly answer every reader’s top question: “What’s the point?”
  • Use the 1-to-1 formula to prevent your point from being buried
  • Should you e-mail—or call? The “2X rule” makes that decision easy
  • Three temptations of e-mail you have to resist—even if others don’t
  • E-mail in the real world: Examples of the good, the bad and the ugly
  • The biggest e-mail etiquette mistakes—are you guilty?
  • Just because you can send e-mails at the speed of light doesn’t mean you should: How pausing before hitting “Send” will pay off

Strengthening your writing with business writing “how-to’s”

  • Getting started—tackling the demons that cause you to procrastinate
  • Why you can’t go wrong using plain and simple English—especially in e-mails
  • Quick and painless grammar “how-to’s”
  • In the hot seat … tips for writing under pressure
  • Want to write faster? Do these four things first
  • What you can learn from your newspaper’s home page about getting to the point
  • How readable is your message? Grade yourself
  • Presenting complex information without causing readers to wonder, “Huh?”
  • Why, when and how to use transition words
  • How to write for people who scan instead of read—in other words, everybody!
  • Internal vs. external communication: How your tactics must change
  • How to eliminate trite, clunky and cumbersome language and other signs of lazy writing
  • The finishing touch: Simple proofreading techniques to ensure your piece passes the “pro” test

Why good communication matters—no matter what the channel

  • The first lesson in business communication (it has nothing to do with “words”)
  • How to avoid written communication breakdowns
  • Do’s and don’ts when writing on the job—especially e-mails
  • So communication isn’t one of your strengths? How you can change that—overnight
  • How to hit the mark with everything you write: The secret is knowing your audience
  • How to avoid turning people off with your e-mails
  • Making a positive impression with everything you write
  • Masterful ways to persuade colleagues, higher-ups, clients, vendors … anybody you write to
  • Letting the “credible you” shine through

Maximizing the full capabilities of Outlook® to become a more productive e-mailer

  • The secret to an empty inbox—deciding what to do with every single message
  • Four cool ways Outlook will make you a more productive e-mailer
  • Using Outlook’s advanced tools to shrink your inbox
  • Ways to customize Outlook to meet your unique communication needs
  • How Outlook is reinventing e-mail management to keep up with on-the-go business professionals—take advantage!
  • What you need to know about Outlook’s “rules” to save time and stay organized
  • Great ways Outlook helps you respond to e-mail faster
  • How Outlook’s color-coding system will make your life so much easier
  • Worried you’ll forget a message or a task? Let Outlook remind you!
  • Do you waste too much time searching for past e-mails? Problem solved!


6 CPE credits

Seminar Time:

Seminar Check-In:  8:30 AM  Seminar Program:  9:00AM - 4:00PM

Seminar Summary:

The e-mails and business communications you send say a lot about you. Are you sure yours send the right message? (see full course description) seminars and training is a member of the Seminar News Network and Training News Network Copyright 2008-2014.

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