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25 KPI's Every Manager Should Know  


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Managers, supervisors, Human Resource Managers, Business Owners


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Seminar Summary:

Using KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS to Drive Your Department’s Performance, Make Better Business Decisions, and Improve Processes (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

25 KPI's Every Manager Should Know

Program Description:

Are you taking full advantage of KPIs — today’s #1 tool for making critical business decisions?

In just one day, you’ll learn how to make faster, more informed judgments and improve company performance with KPIs.

Businesses are making more decisions today than they were just five years ago simply because of technology and the mountain of data now available at the touch of a button. And business professionals like you are the ones making these critical assessments. Join us for this one-day training event to learn how to use the #1 tool for making the right decisions — key performance indicators (KPIs). In today’s lightning-fast business world, using the right KPIs to focus your efforts in the most critical places is vital to achieving personal — and organizational — goals. Spend one day with us and gain insights into how you can use KPIs to measure what matters and ignore what doesn’t.

Make sure your KPIs identify the right targets, tailored to your business goals.

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is not defining the right KPIs for their goals. If your KPIs don’t impact factors critical to your company’s success, they’re not just worthless, but they can also be destructive. Join us and learn how to increase your chance of success and decrease your risk of failure by learning exactly what a good KPI is ... what you should be measuring ... and how to use KPIs to maximize your company’s assets.

Take one day to positively change the course of your organization’s success — as well as your career!

This workshop is an eye-opening discussion done in a plain-English way that any executive, manager, or supervisor in any industry will be able to relate to. You’ll never feel lost — just informed, enlightened, and energized to put your new knowledge to work the very next day. Don’t wait — enroll today!

25 KPI's Every Manager Should Know Course Agenda:

Introduction to Key Performance Indicators

• Top KPIs every manager should know — and the ones you can ignore
• Understanding the importance of the 4 main categories of KPIs and how they affect your department and organization
• Avoiding the common pitfalls of using KPIs
• Asking the right questions — KPQs — to stimulate discussion and discover the appropriate KPIs
• How to hone in on the KPIs that are right for your organization
• Dos and don’ts for developing KPIs for your organization
• How to get buy-in for your organization’s KPIs from team members and senior management
• Put It Into Practice: drafting KPIs for your organization

Evaluate Employee Performance and Customer Satisfaction With KPIs

• The people side of performance and getting to the heart of what KPIs mean for your organization, customers, and team
• Determine and put in place employee performance KPIs that work best for your team
• Use KPIs as the vehicle to drive and measure your department’s performance
• How to mold development plans and performance reviews around KPIs
• How KPIs affect customers — and vice versa
• KPIs and customers: what to measure and evaluate
• How the use of KPIs can improve customer relationships and have a direct impact on your business
• Case studies in effective — and ineffective — performance management

How to Use KPIs to Implement Your Department’s Strategy and Improve Internal Processes and the Organization’s Financial Performance

• How to add value with KPIs — what to measure, how to measure, and how to report your department’s results
• KPIs’ effect on the financials and the bottom line
• Using KPIs to streamline and improve internal processes
• Evidence-based management: using KPIs to make better fact-based business decisions
• KPI metrics dashboard and balanced scorecards — chose quality over quantity
• Case studies in best practices of top companies that use KPIs to evaluate critical financial metrics and develop organizational strategy

Develop Your Leadership KPIs

• What makes a good leader?
• Top 10 leadership KPIs
• How to tell whether you’re measuring up — and what to do if you find yourself lacking
• Individual Activity: Rate yourself (If you’re brave, let your team members each fill out the same rating sheet for you back at the office to see how realistic or delusional your self-rating is.)
• Your Action Plan: Develop your action plan to put your leadership KPIs in place as well as ones appropriate for your team.

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Seminar Summary:

Using KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS to Drive Your Department’s Performance, Make Better Business Decisions, and Improve Processes (see full course description) seminars and training is a member of the Seminar News Network and Training News Network Copyright 2008-2014.

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