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How to Defuse Anger and Calm People Down  


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How to Defuse Anger and Calm People Down seminar agenda print utility



Managers and supervisors


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Seminar Summary:

Strategies for taking control of emotional situations in the workplace (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Anger in the office is the enemy of productivity, teamwork, and creativity. Sometimes it's obvious a white-hot rage with tempers flaming. Other times it's more subtle and potentially more damaging. That's when defensiveness, cynicism, and negativity creep into the workplace and take over. Before long, morale plummets, enthusiasm is dampened, and teamwork breaks down.

It doesn't have to be that way.

There are specific steps you can take and proven strategies you can follow to turn things around quickly. You'll learn these techniques at this seminar. You will also find out how to recognize the early signs of anger in yourself and others and redirect the energy wasted on it to achieve positive outcomes such as improved teamwork, increased enthusiasm, and heightened creativity throughout the workplace.

It's a wise investment of one day that will deliver a solid return throughout your career and your life.

4 ways managers and supervisors benefit:

  • You'll recognize potential problem areas before they erupt into crises.
  • You'll know how to help your team channel the energy of anger into positive change and productivity.
  • You'll become a better communicator and listener, which will enhance your value to the organization and boost your career.
  • You'll decrease absenteeism and turnover by working to create a pleasant, goal-focused environment that's inviting to employees.

Key learning points:

  • Stay calm in any situation, even in the heat of anger.
  • Identify and understand co-workers' "hot button" issues.
  • Use proven ways to manage the anger of others.
  • Learn strategies for helping others cool off.
  • Establish a climate in which conflicts can lead to positive growth.
  • Implement techniques that reduce stress and increase productivity.

Program Agenda

Learn to Defuse Anger Before It Erupts

  • 3 keys to empathy understand why others are troubled
  • Listening skills that can turn around a bad situation in the office
  • How and when to use silence as a positive motivator
  • Tips to help you sidestep emotions and focus on positive change
  • Techniques that allow others to save face and avoid embarrassment

Channel Anger Into Positive Growth

  • Techniques to help you soothe irate individuals
  • The things you must do if hostilities get out of hand
  • Cognitive restructuring the power of changing the way you think

Calm Stress and Increase Productivity

  • Techniques that help employees face the issues really causing their stress
  • Stress-reduction techniques you and your staff can use anywhere
  • Questions that help an angry person think more logically about the situation
  • The best way to transform a "hot thought" into a positive motivator

Finish the Issue Without Resentment and With a Positive Spin

  • 4 ways to rebuild a team damaged by anger
  • Mistakes that escalate anger and create problems down the road
  • Strategies for recognizing potential areas of conflict and sidestepping them
  • The secret of getting diverse individuals to work together as a productive group
  • A process for turning conflict into a positive growth experience

Seminar Summary:

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