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Turbo-Charge Your Microsoft® Excel® Projects Using the Power of Access®  

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Anyone looking for ways to boost your integration skills and use these programs to maximum advantage,


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Seminar Summary:

Integrate these powerful programs to save time, make better decisions and streamline data presentation. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Turbo-Charge Your Microsoft® Excel® Projects Using the Power of Access® - Microsoft® Office® Computer Software Skills Seminar

Covers versions 2010 and 2007

Are you taking full advantage of the incredible, collaborative capabilities of Microsoft Excel and Access?

You most likely work with Microsoft applications frequently, but are you using them to their fullest capacities? These powerful, sophisticated programs are tremendous tools on their own, but Excel and Access were designed to work together, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their capabilities. By harnessing the power of these mega-applications, you will be able to manage, organize, interpret and present data more swiftly and easily than you ever thought possible.

If you've been looking for ways to boost your integration skills and use these programs to maximum advantage, this course is for you. This isn't a "how-to" training seminar for beginners. Rather, it's a business development course that explores how to best apply this software to your daily decision-making and presentation processes.

Work more effectively, present your data and ideas more convincingly and make better business decisions

At the close of this highly productive training day, you will know how to integrate the capabilities of Excel and Access more effectively, and how to create compelling presentations that portray your data, ideas and business solutions in the most positive light. You will know how to tap into the power of Excel's sophisticated number-crunching, fully utilize the database capabilities of Access and transform information quickly and easily from both applications into smart, professional presentations via PowerPoint®. Plus, you'll understand how to incorporate web-based data and information into these programs with ease.

With so much business data and information available, just keeping up with everyday data organization and management can become a major headache. By using the combined efforts of these programs, you will be able to compile and track information from different sources, analyze data more quickly and stay on top of new developments. In just one day of training, you'll discover a variety of tools and techniques to enable you to swiftly find, analyze and act on the crucial business information that affects your team, department and organization.

In just one remarkable day of focused training, you will learn how Excel and Access relate to one another, complement one another and work together to streamline various processes and improve results.


Turbo-Charge Your Microsoft Excel Projects Using the Power of Access — Seminar Overview

Data Management Overview

  • Get off to a great start with quick tips for each program
  • Discover the basics of data management
  • Make your data compelling using the collaborative powers of Excel and Access
  • Capture data to make decisions and create presentations
  • Learn to control your data and navigate through the information so you can present it in the best possible light
  • Make informed decisions by learning not just how, but why
  • Which program is best for your needs? Find the right tool for the right results
  • Excel or Access? Choose the program made for the job so you spend your time efficiently and effectively
  • Learn the secrets "power users" know to make each program perform amazing feats of data manipulation
  • Plan your project right from the start — define goals and prevent time-wasting do-overs
  • Harness the power of the Microsoft Office Suite to transfer data between programs for the best results

Tools, Tips and Strategies to Power Up Your Access, Excel and Internet Integration Skills

  • Use hyperlinks to connect your spreadsheets and presentations to Web addresses, network folders and individual files
  • Take advantage of bookmarks to make your reports, presentations and spreadsheets navigable and user-friendly
  • Tired of accidentally entering data into the wrong cell? Discover the little-known secret that can make these errors a thing of the past!
  • Do you sometimes get "lost" in your database? Get where you want to go at the push of a custom button!
  • Never get an "Import Failed" error again: Learn the two critical points you must know when sharing data between applications
  • Is it "Street," "St." or "STREET?" Achieve consistency in your data — no matter how many people are entering information
  • Create custom error messages for users — without having to know any Visual Basic® code!
  • Learn tips to make data entry easier for your users
  • The future is here: Collect, organize and distribute information via the Web
  • Find out what data you can and should get from the Web
  • Receive step-by-step instruction on how to download information from the Web — and keep it current
  • Harness the power of a user-friendly Access data portal to collect information from around the office and around the world

Features, Functions and Shortcuts to Make Data Organization and Management Easier Than Ever

  • Discover a little-known secret (even some Excel pros don't know this one!) that can quickly select all the data you're after
  • Instantly hide unneeded records and view only the data you want — it's even easier to do in Access than in Excel!
  • Draw on the hidden power of the "right click" in data manipulation
  • Find out which button allows you to create an instant query in Access
  • Learn how to split a data-filled column (such as NAME) into two columns (FIRST and LAST) without tedious cutting and pasting or manually re-entering the info
  • Uncover the key to ending the most common sorting error in Excel
  • Instantly group, sum and hide data with just a few mouse clicks, using this favorite feature of Excel power users
  • Implement Excel formulas that can do your work for you:
    • Take your text from good to great
    • Find differences between dates
    • Round numbers the way you want — not the way your computer says you should
  • Learn about a new feature to help you unlock the secrets of Excel functions
  • Solve one of the most common data presentation problems in Excel
  • Go beyond formulas to see just how many of your favorite functions also work in Access
  • Explore a tool to help you build your formulas in Access
  • Avoid queries altogether by building your formulas directly into your Access forms and reports
  • Discover the "secret weapon" Access experts use to produce beautiful reports — fast!
  • Create a "virtual" network with staff outside your facility
  • BONUS TIP: Make a bloated, slow Excel file work faster


How to Organize Your Data for Maximum Impact

  • Use Access queries and reports to make your decisions and isolate the information you want to present
  • Learn the best features of data organization in Access to create reports that are guaranteed to impress
  • Export to Excel for manipulation and calculation — data organization features enable you to instantly perform calculations without stacks of math manuals
  • Filter out the data you don't currently need so you can focus on the information you really want
  • Learn quick tricks to make your most important data as interesting to your audience as it is to you
  • Master 3 techniques for turning boring statistics into compelling stories
  • Make your data attractive and interactive by integrating PowerPoint's clever visual presentation tools

How to Create and Deliver Polished, Professional Presentations and Reports Using PowerPoint

  • Find out how to make presentations compelling, startling and inspiring simply by choosing data that achieves the greatest impact
  • Show the big picture, reveal it slowly or uncover it one piece at a time: quick tricks to make the data interesting
  • No more clicks! No more meetings that run long! Learn how to make your presentation advance on its own to save time and stay on schedule
  • Drowsy viewers? Tell an exciting story with numbers that are certain to keep everyone wide awake
  • Your presentation is in 5 minutes and you just updated the Excel data you're presenting. Find out how to instantly update your PowerPoint file and still make it to your meeting on time
  • Bypass Excel to create compelling and data-rich charts — right in PowerPoint
  • In a rush? Create a chart with just the push of a button!
  • Explore advanced charting features to identify deviations and trends
  • Why chart your numbers in boring columns or bars? Use the hidden tool that creates pictures for your graphs
  • Build suspense and keep your audience hanging on your every word as you reveal your data one step at a time
  • Locate the best features of PowerPoint and quickly create dazzling on-screen presentations
  • Use linked data in PowerPoint files to keep your information completely up-to-date — without having to re-create the presentation!
  • Learn presentation dos and don'ts from professionals to keep your audience members on the edge of their seats
  • Did someone miss your meeting? Need to share your presentation company-wide? Convert it into a play-on-demand package you can present on a laptop or via the Web


Seminar Check-In: 8:30 AM    Seminar Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Integrate these powerful programs to save time, make better decisions and streamline data presentation. (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the Turbo-Charge Your Microsoft® Excel® Projects Using the Power of Access® training seminar

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