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Facebook Essentials Webinar  

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Seminar Summary:

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Training Course Syllabus:

Facebook Essentials: Developing a Great Facebook Strategy for Your Organization Webinar - Social Media Marketing Webinar

Program Description:

Social media is fast becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet — and Facebook is the most popular social media site on the Web! That makes developing a Facebook page an essential part of any social media effort. But getting great results from Facebook can be complicated, and it’s easy to start feeling lost, overwhelmed, or confused.

Don’t panic — the key to a great Facebook presence is developing the right strategy!

Facebook Essentials is designed to help you do just that. In just one hour, we’ll give you the powerful tools you need, the best of the best top tips you need to develop a Facebook strategy that works and that’s right for your organization!

Whether you’re just starting to think about building an organizational Facebook page or you have one that’s not performing up to your hopes and expectations, Facebook Essentials can help you.

In just ONE hour, you’ll discover how to build a Facebook strategy that WORKS.

You’ll learn the valuable tools you need to create your Facebook presence. You’ll learn how to determine objectives for your organization’s Facebook page — what you actually want to accomplish in a social media setting. You’ll discover how to build a page that really supports those goals, and the key elements in designing an effective and engaging content and update strategy.

And, most importantly of all, you’ll receive valuable insight in how to build a fan base, how to connect with your audience, and how to really harness the immense power of social media!

In just one hour we’ll explain everything you need to get started building a GREAT Facebook strategy!

Enroll in Facebook Essentials today and learn how to take your social media and marketing efforts to the next level!

When you engage and interact with your audience on Facebook, you’re doing more than building relationships — you’re building your reputation and you’re building loyalty. Enroll today to discover how to get started!

A Look At Your Agenda:

  • Basic goal setting — What do you want your page to accomplish? How will you measure success?
  • Setting up your page — and making sure it’s a cohesive extension of your brand
  • Don’t forget to invite your friends — immediate and ongoing strategies for building your fan base
  • Promote your page — add your page URL to your company Website, blog, and marketing materials
  • Keeping your audience engaged — using the 80/20 Rule for content updates
  • Keep it fresh — frequency matters
  • Increasing engagement with photos and videos
  • Just say no to one-way content — how to keep your wall open and the RIGHT way to post questions/comments to spark conversations
  • Build and reward your following with Facebook-specific promotions or coupons
  • How to increase engagement and have a little fun using Facebook Apps
  • Facebook Insights — how to monitor your data so that you understand which content is most effective in creating interaction

Webinar Time: Webinars last 60-90 minutes

2:00PM ET

1:00PM CT

12:00PM MT

11:00AM PT

Q & A Session!

Upon enrolling in the webinar, you will have the opportunity to submit your questions via e-mail. Time permitting, your trainer will address questions from webinar participants. Many questions will be addressed in the Webinar itself. Others will be addressed in the supporting materials that will be available exclusively to webinar participants.

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Seminar Summary:

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