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How to Lead a Team  

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Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Human Resources, Business Owners


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Seminar Summary:

Strategies to motivate and coach your team to success (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

How to Lead a Team  -  Leadership Training Seminar

Learn the skills rated "most critical" by veteran team leaders

This seminar gets right down to business. It's a "here's what to do — and the best way to do it" crash course for new team leaders.

We designed this seminar with input from veteran team leaders at organizations across the country. You'll explore the issues they believed were most critical in their own team development.

Critical skills like these …

  • Getting off on the right foot with a new team
  • Making sure team meetings are worthwhile — and not just time-wasting get-togethers
  • Understanding the leader's role when conflicts erupt or there's infighting on your team
  • Knowing how to invest your time and effort for the biggest payback
  • Keeping your team members focused and enthused — especially in the early stages when everything is confusing

Their input was just what we hoped for: refreshingly honest. Revealing. Insightful. Even surprising at times.

The upshot of all this is …

You get a program packed with the leadership training and insights you'll need to guide your team through its infancy to full maturity as an effective work unit. No matter what kind of team you lead, plan now to attend this course. You'll learn how to get the most out of your people — and discover what they expect from you in return.

How to Lead a Team — Seminar Overview

Fostering Team Identity and Commitment

•Use performance challenges to build team loyalty and genuine "esprit de corps"
•Challenge people to go the extra mile — and to enjoy every step of it
•Create a collective purpose that encourages teammates to pull together through thick and thin
•Keep your team persevering despite setbacks or slowdowns
•Celebrate successes and strengthen team commitment

Building Trust and Teamwork

•Deal with the anxieties, doubts, and self-questioning every new team goes through
•Rally your troops when they start to falter or tire of being a team
•Make sure workloads and responsibilities are equally shared
•Measure and monitor your team's trust — in itself and in you
•Set the kind of personal and professional examples your team can admire and emulate
•Define team roles so everyone's clear about who does what
•Run razor-sharp meetings — and see that follow-through happens so things get done

Working as a Team — a Team Leader's Tool Kit

•How to know when you can comfortably transfer decision-making power to your team
•The 7 essential steps to usher a team toward true consensus
•3 techniques to help you identify — and solve — the most pressing problems
•How to recognize the signs of groupthink — and prevent your team from falling into this trap
•The 2 best ways to ensure accountability — one formal, the other informal
•Understanding the 8 critical skills of group facilitation

Helping Your Team get Through Strife, Gripes, and Group Disagreements

•Understand the 6 main sources of team conflict
•Help your team draw dissension into the open — and deal with it honestly and productively
•Use a 3-stage process to map your personal plan for changing team conflict into creative opportunities
•Rechannel the negative energy of arguments, differing opinions, and opposing viewpoints into a positive team force
•Break deadlocks peacefully and productively
•Recognize when the time has come to step back from direct involvement and let your team settle its own differences

Growing Your Team

•Capitalize on the individual skills of each team member
•Move your team toward more self-leadership and less dependence on you
•Teach and encourage innovative — even breakthrough — thinking

Making the Move from Team Leader to Big-Picture Strategist

•Build flexibility and adaptability in your team — key qualities of any successful group
•Take overdue action on "back-burnered" projects
•Foster a team-friendly workplace environment throughout your organization

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

Training Seminar Time:

Training Seminar Check-In:  8:30AM  Training Seminar Program:  9:00AM - 4:00PM

Seminar Summary:

Strategies to motivate and coach your team to success (see full course description)

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