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The Hands-On Web Site Development Workshop  

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Anyone involved in designing and writing HTML web pages


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Seminar Summary:

Design and launch your own successful site development (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

You’ll learn ...
How to design, build and refine Web pages that you can use in your own site
Produce eye-stopping and fast-loading images by learning the secrets to correctly formatting GIF and JPEG images
How to create animated GIF and VRML files ... and use them to generate site traffic without getting into "animation overkill"
Professional techniques that will steer visitors to your site—help them find what they´re looking for—and motivate them to come back
And much more
Do-it-yourself Web success is now within your organization´s reach. Thanks to our one-of-its-kind program, it´s no longer necessary to have a design background, computer programming skills or specialized technical expertise to build a Web site that´s effective, attractive and attention-grabbing. We designed these two days of intensive training—which includes 10 hands-on learning labs—by taking the best of select Web professionals´ techniques and boiling them down to the powerful essentials that any businessperson can learn and use to start achieving Web site success.



Day one: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

How to lay the foundation for a successful Web site ... and avoid the most common mistakes
Preparation is one of the key secrets to Web site success. Starting without a clear picture of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish makes it that much harder to put together a site that´s content-rich, user-friendly and a magnet for repeat visitors. We´ll show you what you need to know before you start designing, including:
Learning the lingo—the terms and vocabulary you need at your command to establish and maintain credibility with vendors, clients and customers
Understanding great Web sites and what makes them tick
Who uses the Web? An overview of the different types of surfers you´ll find, and strategies for attracting their attention
Know your audience—pinpoint your precise demographics by asking the correct questions, right from the start

How to select the right Web server

Once you decide to establish an on-line presence for your company, you have many options to consider ... there´s a bewildering array of Web-related services available, with a range of price tags to match. How do you know which vendor, product or service is right for you? When is choosing a higher-priced option the right choice, and when is it simply throwing your money away? When should you outsource? How will you keep your Web site and your e-commerce transactions safe? We´ll answer these questions and more, equipping you to make the right choices in all the important areas, including:
The pros and cons of professional Web hosting
Web server hardware requirements for the die-hard do-it-yourselfer
How to avoid spinning your wheels when choosing and registering your domain name
Budgeting considerations: How to assess cost versus value for outsourced services
Avoiding the "bandwidth blues"—how to make sure your site can handle the traffic

How to assemble pages quickly and easily with Web page layout tools

Once the planning and logistics are covered, it´s time to start the creative portion of the process. For the rookie and experienced developer alike, there are important choices to make: For example, should you begin writing HTML code yourself, or does an editing tool like FrontPage® or PageMill® suit your purposes better? Which provides the most flexibility and features, and do they justify the expense? In this session, we´ll give you the information and perspective you need to answer these questions and make the right decision every time. You´ll learn:
HTML basics: How to design a Web page with nothing more than Notepad
Essential features of HTML coding
Introduction to WYSIWYG editors—what you see may not be what you get!
A side-by-side comparison of Microsoft® FrontPage and Adobe® PageMill
How to use Macromedia® Dreamweaver® to build in advanced features that work on any platform
The unique background features available only in FrontPage 2000
How to save hours of frustration with PageMill´s image editor

12 simple ways to make your site inviting and irresistible

Having the best Web site content in the world matters little if people can´t—or won´t—read it. In this session, you´ll learn the fundamentals of creating visual impact on the Web without distracting from your all-important message. We´ll show how to make your Web site "sticky"—so people stay there once they find it—and user-friendly—so they come back again and again. You´ll learn which Web site features surfers love and which ones send them clicking off to another site. We´ll also teach you:
The secrets to visual appeal and readability ... how to make color and typeface choices that catch—and keep—a Web surfer´s eye
How to save time and effort by creating and using templates
Using a sitemap for speedy access to the most important parts of your Web site
Frames or no frames? Determining the most effective page layout strategy
Using hyperlinks and directories to make your Web site a breeze to navigate
Keeping your visitors happy with text anchors
GIFs, TIFFs, JPGs and more—understanding the basics of Web site graphics

The do´s and don´ts of creating great animation for the Web

There´s nothing that chases potential customers away from your site faster than pages and pages of nothing but text; on the other hand, static images don´t always provide the pizazz that you need either. To make the cutting-edge impression that will make your Web site stand out from the crowd, you need to bring your graphics into the 21st century. In this session, we´ll teach you the latest animation techniques, including:
How to create and use animated GIFs
Maximizing the power of Macromedia®´s multimedia marvel Shockwave®
The secrets of using JavaTM to brew up exciting Web pages
Streaming and nonstreaming video ... which one is best for your site?
Time is not on your side! How to animate your site and make it fast-loading
Tips on getting great images from your scanner
Step-by-step methods for creating both transparent and opaque Web-ready images
How to avoid dithering, aliasing, halos and other graphics bloopers that make your site look unprofessional

Day two: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Studio secrets revealed: How to use scripting to make your pages virtually pop off the screen
Great content and outstanding visuals form the basis of a great Web site. Now it´s time to take your site to the next level—and beyond—with the latest and greatest design tools available. In this session, you´ll learn about the amazing power of scripting and what it can do to make your site a Web surfer magnet. You´ll learn everything you need to know about:
Giving your site a consistent look with Cascading Style Sheets
How to put the power of JavaScriptTM to work for you
Using CGI to add professional-level functionality to any Web site
Creating Web pages dynamically with ASP and PHP
How to understand and use ActiveX® controls
Guaranteeing cross-platform functionality with JavaBeansTM

How to make sure you stay on the right side of the latest laws, rules and guidelines

The explosive growth of the Internet—particularly the World Wide Web—has spawned a new "digital frontier" with few rules and an "anything-goes" mentality. But, as with any frontier, efforts are being made to tame the Web´s wild nature. We´ll bring you up to speed on the laws, rules, guidelines, regulations and court decisions that affect everyone who uses the Web, preparing you to tackle these and other issues:
Does everyone have the right to use your site? Here´s what you must know about how the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to the Web
Disclaimers: Why to use them, when to use them and where to put them
Discover who the "Web police" are and whether or not they´re watching you
The ins and outs of domain name registration—how to protect yourself from cyber-piracy
Images and multimedia: The latest crucial information about free and royalty-free Web usage
Making sure that what´s yours stays yours ... how to protect and copyright your Web site content

The art of Web site promotion ... what works, what doesn´t and why

Your message is important ... but if people can´t find it, they´ll miss the benefit. Given the more than 350 million sites currently active on the World Wide Web, steering people to your organization´s site is a task of major proportions—which is where search engines come to the rescue! In this session, you´ll learn how to harness the power of the various types of search engines used on the Web today and discover how to get them to direct a steady stream of visitors to your site. We´ll show you:
The most effective way to use keywords and meta tags—the driving force behind search engine results
A step-by-step guide to registering your site with search engines
The do´s and don´ts of search engines ... what helps your rankings and what hurts them (You may be surprised!)
Indexes and directory engines—what are the differences and how do they work?
How Web-bots make creating your own search engine a snap
Inside the header: How to organize your title and meta tags for maximum effectiveness
What is Web positioning software, and is it worth the investment?

Security secrets and solutions you can´t afford not to know

Internet security is a hot topic these days, and rightly so. In this session, you´ll learn what it takes to avoid falling victim to the many kinds of attacks hackers use to damage Web sites. You´ll also get strategies for reassuring customers that your site is secure and that their credit card numbers and personal information will not be compromised. This is can´t-miss instruction on what you must know about all sorts of security features—dependable standbys such as firewalls and proxies, as well as some of the latest technologies available. You´ll find out about:
Encryption, firewalls and more: An overview of today´s top security tools
The features on a Web site most people don´t realize are vulnerable to attack
How different browsers and browser versions manage security issues
How to manage secure credit card transactions
Understanding and using cookies
What new security techniques have emerged from the recent Denial of Service attacks
Which security features are managed on your server and which are handled at the browser level
How to monitor your Web site´s security and detect covert attacks

The big picture: How to ensure that your site continues to succeed!

A Web site is, by definition, a work in progress—getting the site up and running is merely the first step. Once your creation is launched, you´ve got to concern yourself with maintenance, upgrading, data collection, usage monitoring and other Webmaster responsibilities, including tracking hits to the site and making sure the people visiting your site match your target audience. In this session, we´ll go behind the scenes to show you what a Webmaster really does and what to expect once that title is bestowed on you. You´ll learn about:
Measuring TCO—is your Web site pulling its budgetary weight?
What it takes to develop a workable site maintenance plan ... how to keep your content up to date without inconveniencing your visitors
How to strike the right balance between access and security
The fundamentals of managing customer databases
Tips on troubleshooting server-side problems
How to develop and implement an e-mail response program
The best ways to monitor e-business transactions

Seminar Summary:

Design and launch your own successful site development (see full course description)

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