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Professionals who use computers in their day to day job.


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Seminar Summary:

This course will cover such topics as preparation of the instructional site, mananging the learner environment, using media effectively, and much more. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

The CTT+ certificate is a cross-industry credential providing recognition that a technical instructor has attained a standard of excellence in the training industry. The examinations are based on a set of Standards designed to measure the mastery of core instructor competencies - those decisions, actions, and behaviors that competent instructors must demonstrate to complete an instructional assignment successfully.

This cross-industry certification is available to all training professionals. The CTT+ Program was created to eliminate redundancies among various instructor certification programs in computer training and education.

While it is significant that the computer industry is the first to endorse the CTT+ Program, the wider impact is that the certification can be applied to all industries that provide technical training and education. To earn the CTT+ designation, for topics such as software, technical, scientific, mechanical, and professional development, the candidate must pass both a computer-based test (CBT) that assesses knowledge and a performance (video) assessment (VBT) in which the candidate demonstrates prescribed skills.

The CBT portion of the exam is in the conventional linear format. There are 105 questions on the exam and you have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the exam. The exam is available in English only. The VBT portion of the exam should be 20 minutes in time length.

Course Materials: Ibstpi Standards, Volume I, Instructor's Edition

Objectives covered:
  • Analyzing Course Materials and Learner Information
  • Preparation of the Instructional Site
  • Establishing and Maintaining Instructor Credibility
  • Managing the Learner Environment
  • Demonstrating Effective Communication Skills
  • Demonstrating Effective Presentation Skills
  • Demonstrating Effective Questioning Skills and Techniques
  • Responding Appropriately to Learners' Needs for Clarification or Feedback
  • Providing Positive Reinforcement and Motivational Incentives
  • Using Instructional Methods Appropriately
  • Using Media Effectively
  • Evaluating Learner Performance
  • Evaluating Delivery of Instruction
  • Reporting Evaluation Information

  • 24 hours of labs, lectures, and learning.

  • All instructors are certified by CompTIA.

  • All CompTIA-approved texts and in-class materials are included.

  • MicroTrain is a Certified Training Partner of CompTIA.
  • Seminar Summary:

    This course will cover such topics as preparation of the instructional site, mananging the learner environment, using media effectively, and much more. (see full course description)

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