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Microsoft Excel: Level 1  

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Professionals who use computers in their day to day job.


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Seminar Summary:

This course will cover such topics as how to create basic worksheets, create and modify charts, set the page display and printing options, and much more. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • create a basic worksheet by entering text and values.
  • work with cells and cell data by using a variety of moving and copying techniques.
  • perform calculations on data by using formulas, including functions.
  • change the appearance of worksheet data by using a variety of formatting techniques.
  • work with multiple worksheets by formatting, repositioning, copying and moving, and adding and deleting worksheets within a workbook.
  • create and modify charts.
  • set the page display and printing options.

Course Content
Lesson One: The Fundamentals
Lesson 1 1: Starting Excel
Lesson 1 2: What’s New in Excel 2002?
Lesson 1 3: Understanding the Excel Program Screen
Lesson 1 4: Using Menus
Lesson 1 5: Using Toolbars and Creating a New Workbook
Lesson 1 6: Filling Out Dialog Boxes
Lesson 1 7: Keystroke and Right Mouse Button Shortcuts
Lesson 1 8: Opening a Workbook
Lesson 1 9: Saving a Workbook
Lesson 1 10: Moving the Cell Pointer
Lesson 1 11: Navigating a Worksheet
Lesson 1 12: Entering Labels in a Worksheet
Lesson 1 13: Entering Values in a Worksheet and Selecting a Cell Range
Lesson 1 14: Calculating Value Totals with AutoSum
Lesson 1 15: Entering Formulas
Lesson 1 16: Using AutoFill
Lesson 1 17: Previewing and Printing a Worksheet
Lesson 1 18: Getting Help from the Office Assistant
Lesson 1 19: Changing the Office Assistant and Using the “What’s This” Button
Lesson 1 20: Closing a Workbook and Exiting Excel

Lesson Two: Editing a Worksheet

Lesson 2 1: Entering Date Values and using AutoComplete
Lesson 2 2: Editing, Clearing, and Replacing Cell Contents
Lesson 2 3: Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Cells
Lesson 2 4: Moving and Copying Cells with Drag and Drop
Lesson 2 5: Collecting and Pasting Multiple Items
Lesson 2 6: Working with Absolute and Relative Cell References
Lesson 2 7: Using the Paste Special Command
Lesson 2 8: Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columns
Lesson 2 9: Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat
Lesson 2 10: Checking Your Spelling
Lesson 2 11: Finding and Replacing Information
Lesson 2 12: Advanced Printing Options
Lesson 2 13: File Management
Lesson 2 14: Inserting Cell Comments
Lesson 2 15: Understanding Smart Tags
Lesson 2 16: Recovering Your Workbooks

Lesson Three: Formatting a Worksheet
Lesson 3 1: Formatting Fonts with the Formatting Toolbar
Lesson 3 2: Formatting Values
Lesson 3 3: Adjusting Row Height and Column Width
Lesson 3 4: Changing Cell Alignment
Lesson 3 5: Adding Borders
Lesson 3 6: Applying Colors and Patterns
Lesson 3 7: Using the Format Painter
Lesson 3 8: Using AutoFormat
Lesson 3 9: Creating a Custom Number Format
Lesson 3 10: Creating, Applying, and Modifying a Style
Lesson 3 11: Formatting Cells with Conditional Formatting
Lesson 3 12: Merging Cells, Rotating Text, and using AutoFit
Lesson 3 13: Finding and Replacing Formatting

Lesson Four: Managing Your Workbooks
Lesson 4 1: Switching Between Sheets in a Workbook
Lesson 4 2: Inserting and Deleting Worksheets
Lesson 4 3: Renaming and Moving Worksheets
Lesson 4 4: Working with Several Workbooks and Windows
Lesson 4 5: Splitting and Freezing a Window
Lesson 4 6: Referencing External Data
Lesson 4 7: Creating Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
Lesson 4 8: Specifying a Print Area and Controlling Page Breaks
Lesson 4 9: Adjusting Page Margins and Orientation
Lesson 4 10: Adding Print Titles and Gridlines
Lesson 4 11: Changing the Paper Size and Print Scale
Lesson 4 12: Protecting a Worksheet
Lesson 4 13: Hiding Columns, Rows and Sheets
Lesson 4 14: Viewing a Worksheet and Saving a Custom View
Lesson 4 15: Working with Templates
Lesson 4 16: Consolidating Worksheets

Seminar Summary:

This course will cover such topics as how to create basic worksheets, create and modify charts, set the page display and printing options, and much more. (see full course description)

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