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Sexual Harassment Awareness  

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HR Personnel, People Managers, Supervisors


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Seminar Summary:

How to prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Sexual harassment is a growing concern within today's organizations.

Like many professionals today, you probably have questions and concerns about sexual harassment in the workplace. What exactly qualifies as sexual harassment? Where does seemingly harmless flirting or bantering end, and harassment begin? How prevalent is sexual harassment in today's workplace? What are the legal rights of individuals and of organizations regarding harassment? How have recent changes in legislation affected corporate policies, especially California's newest statute, Assembly Bill 1825?

At Fred Pryor Seminars, we have created this remarkable seminar designed to help educate individuals and organizations about sexual harassment.

Don't miss this one-day seminar packed with need-to-know information on AB 1825, legal definitions, behavioral guidelines, and much more! Here's just some of what we'll cover ...

* What IS harassment? Discover the truth about "innocent" flirting, banter, and teasing.
* Communication skills that will help men and women bridge the gender gap and reduce misunderstandings
* How to comply with the very latest legal rulings at the federal, state, and local levels 
* California's newest statute, AB 1825 —   what it means to you as an employer
* How to establish grievance procedures that will protect the rights of your employees and your organization 
* Your rights and responsibilities as an employer 
* How to handle initial complaints with diplomacy, tact, and understanding 

Attention California Professionals: This exclusive seminar gets you up to speed quickly on the newest regulations, requirements, and legal obligations of employers as put forth in California's Assembly Bill 1825.

Sexual harassment, or "just being friendly"?

Many managers and supervisors struggle with identifying sexual harassment within their organizations because there is so much confusion regarding flirtation, teasing, and bantering. The truth is, what may be flattering or complimentary to one person, may be offensive, objectionable, even frightening to another. Someone may regard flirting or mild horseplay as innocent fun, and may not view it as objectionable at the time of the behavior, but someone else may see it as aggressive, insulting, and demeaning. Down the road, it may even be considered as part of a pattern of hostility.

What you learn in this seminar will help you create guidelines for acceptable behavior communicate those guidelines clearly, and develop policies for dealing with infractions.

Prevention begins with awareness ...

Preventing sexual harassment begins with clearing up the confusion surrounding it. In Sexual Harassment Awareness , you'll gain an understanding of the myriad "gray areas" surrounding sexual harassment. You will discover how to deal swiftly and fairly with complaints. You will learn to communicate clearly to your people what is acceptable and what is unacceptable behavior. You will find out how to react to a borderline situation, and what measures to take when a situation becomes serious. And you will become familiar with the legal definitions, policies, decisions, and court rulings that are shaping the way today's organizations must respond to sexual harassment claims.

Who Should Attend?

  • Human resources professionals
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Professionals in a position of authority at smaller organizations

Seminar Overview

*  Increasing Awareness

    A look at existing laws, pending laws, and landmark cases to gain an overview of where sexual harassment litigation stands today 
    What qualifies as sexual harassment? Discover exactly which behaviors, comments, and actions can lead to grievances
    Gender perceptions: developing empathy for the other point of view 

*   Preventing Infractions 

What to do first if sexual harassment is observed or reported

Criteria to help you determine whether a specific behavior or action is out of line

When does flirting, bantering, or teasing cross the line and becomes harassment?

*  Taking Action

    On-the-spot strategies for handling harassment complaints swiftly and successfully 
    How to effectively intercede when you see harassment taking place  
    The role of perception in harassment (why it's critical to understand how and why perceptions differ)

*  Legal Issues

    How to make sure that your organization is in compliance with EEOC, federal, state, and local laws regarding sexual harassment
    What you must do to comply with Assembly Bill 1825
    How to reduce financial liability for individuals and organizations
    Can just one incident constitute sexual harassment? Discover the surprising truth 

*  Assembly Bill 1825 —  What California Employers Need to Know

    How can employers best comply with AB 1825?
    What are some of the training methods that can be used to fulfill the statute's requirements?
    What specifically must the training include to meet the requirements?
    How should records be kept regarding who attends training?

Seminar Summary:

How to prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. (see full course description)

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