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Microsoft Office  

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Microsoft Office Users


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Seminar Summary:

A fast, efficient way to learn how Office can revolutionize the way you work (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Covers Microsoft® Office 2000, XP, and 2003!

Think of this not as computer training -- but as a course in personal productivity. Because, despite all its muscle, Microsoft Office is probably under-used by the majority of those who 
own it.
Many Office users are content simply to write letters in Word, crunch numbers in Excel create slide shows in PowerPoint. And that's it. These powerful, versatile software applications are relegated to single-purpose programs.

This training will show people all Microsoft Office can do to streamline their work, spiff up documents and presentations help them meet killer deadlines, eliminate repetitive tasks and generally increase their productivity tenfold or more!

Who will benefit most ...

* Those who have been struggling to learn Microsoft Office on their own
* People who learn better from live instruction
* Experienced users who are thinking about upgrading
* Tip-hungry experts in one application who want to learn more about Office's other applications
* Anyone whose job it is to produce documents, spreadsheets, mailings, presentations -- or any project in which speed, accuracy and image are important

How we present this material ...

"Computer-less" training makes every moment count. This is not hands-on training. Far from it -- and for good reason. Everyone works on computers at a different speed. Some like to experiment, while others get lost easily and need frequent help. In the long run, a hands-on software class would only slow everyone down. Instead, every key point is projected on a large, viewer-friendly screen. Participants will get their questions answered on the spot, receive "real time" coaching, and benefit from the synergy of learning with coworkers.

Key learning points ...

* People will acquire the know-how it takes to run Office on their own. They will gain skills and insights that let them tackle any assignment with complete confidence -- without having to lean on anyone for support.
* They'll see how to cut complicated projects down to size. Once they see how Office's applications work, individually and in tandem, they'll be able to quickly choose the tool that best fits the need.
* They will become skilled problem solvers, capable of assessing any new project that comes their way. People will be able to determine which Office applications the job calls for, and set up a game plan to accomplish the project with minimal time and effort.
* People will get dozens of timesaving tips and performance-boosting techniques that can help them streamline everything they do, from word processing to inputting data to putting together presentations. And they'll see what experienced users have done to add even greater efficiencies to this powerhouse program.

As a result of this training ...

* People will see Office's capabilities from an entirely new big picture" perspective
* Routine jobs will be automated, saving countless man-hours of busywork
* Presentations will take on a more polished, professional look
* Productivity in general will soar, thanks to people's new awareness of all Office can do

Program Agenda

A guided tour of your Office

* An overview of Office components -- what its creators had in mind when they bundled this software
* Where to find help when you need it -- the role of Office Assistant and the "What's This?" feature
* A unique 8-step approach you can use to solve any Office-related problem

Working wonders with Word

* Using AutoText to compose documents at blinding speed
* How to set up customized templates that let you breeze through busywork
* Mail-merge simplified
* Activating the AutoCorrect feature so typos are found and fixed immediately
* Ways to automate your workstation (nearly 90 percent of your daily tasks can be delegated to Microsoft Office!)
* Aligning type the easy way - so text goes where you want it to in tables, columns, outlines, mail-merge letters
* How to reduce the size of a Word file - when to do it, how it can help
* The trick to printing double-sided documents
* Shortcuts for formatting type
* How a few minutes customizing your keyboard and toolbar can gain you precious hours later on

Ways to accelerate Excel even more

* Enlisting the aid of AutoFill to speed up data entry
* 5 rules for creating formulas and functions5 rules for creating formulas and functions
* How to link, combine and consolidate worksheets using simple formulas
* Professional-looking charts in 4 easy steps
* One-button techniques for adding, removing or changing information in a data series
* How to get an instant grand total using AutoSum
* Fast ways to format worksheets
* Tips on sorting, grouping, mapping data and printing

How to create visually arresting PowerPoint presentations

* How to give continuity to your slides using the Master's background, styles and color scheme
* Using builds and transitions to grab attention
* Valuable time-savers to help you rearrange text, topics, titles or bullet points
* The most effective ways to highlight text
* The trick to creating numbered bullet points
* PowerPoint's toolbar -- what each tool does
* How to enlist the help of a Wizard to create a compelling presentation automatically
* Step-by-step guidance on creating a PowerPoint presentation from beginning to end

How to keep organized with Outlook

* How to consolidate the information you use every day in one convenient and easily accessible place
* Tips on creating easy-to-use address books, appointment calendars and to-do lists
* How to send and receive mail via Outlook's Inbox

An introduction to Access

    * How to retrieve data from Access, analyze it in Excel and present it in PowerPoint or Word

CLASS TIME: Check-In: 8:30 AM Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

A fast, efficient way to learn how Office can revolutionize the way you work (see full course description)

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