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Power Excel: Shortcuts, Tips, and Techniques  

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You – if you’ve already mastered the fundamentals and are ready to increase your productivity with time-saving shortcuts.


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Seminar Summary:

Unlock the secrets of Microsoft® Excel with this fast-paced, one-day seminar.  (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Get help in 4 key areas...  

Learn Basic Excel Shortcuts - Master the most useful, time-saving features and functions available to Excel users.  Customize your toolbars, menus, and formula bar to cut hours from your workload. Easily link worksheets to eliminate time-consuming rekeying. You'll also learn shortcuts and useful tips for interacting with other Microsoft programs, such as Word. And that's just a portion of the valuable information you will gain.
Master Display and Formatting Shortcuts - Manage huge spreadsheets with ease. Learn quick steps for opening and accessing linked workbooks. Insert or delete columns of data with a keystroke. Understand how an automatic update of linked worksheets makes your job a breeze. Reduce the chance of error by linking - not rekeying - data.
Use Formula and Chart Shortcuts - Nest formulas within worksheets quickly and easily. Know ways to prevent charts from being printed. Be able to copy and paste formulas without changing the relative reference. Learn the easiest way of all to move charts and update them. Create handy hyperlinks between your Excel files and Web resources. Discover simple steps for building macros and even more skills to make building charts with formulas a breeze. 
Discover Editing Shortcuts - Find out how to copy just the values in a column - even if you use formulas to obtain the information you want to copy. Learn how to search multiple worksheets at the same time. Use a common keyboard shortcut to join text from diverse locations. Transpose data quickly, without losing information. Plus, dozens of additional tips and tricks that speed up your work and improve your final product. 

How You Will Benefit

Do Things the right way from the start. All of the time you've saved using Excel is wasted if the spreadsheet can't be manipulated after creation. The shortcuts you learn will get you off on the right foot, using the fewest steps possible.

Increase your efficiency with Excel shortcuts. Ever wondered if there's a better or faster way to accomplish your goals with Excel? Learn all of the secrets of Excel gurus used to speed through their work without making errors.

Use formulas faster and more accurately. Know which formula to use for each purpose and the shortcut keys that make running formulas instantaneous.

Cut your data entry time in half. No more wasted keystrokes. No more moving back and forth between documents the old way, updating each. You'll learn data entry shortcuts that will put hours back in your day. This benefit alone is well worth the cost of this seminar.

Become a more valuable employee. After you attend this one-day program, you will see your productivity soar and you'll be a stronger resource for others in your office because you'll know how to use shortcuts to get more done with better results.

Your Organization Benefits, Too
When you use Excel efficiently, you get your work done faster and are able to accomplish more in your workday. That makes you a more valuable asset to your organization. What's more, when you create your worksheets using the formulas and techniques you learn at this seminar, your projects will be easily utilized by others on your team. Power Excel is the best investment your organization can make in your professional development.

Seminar Overview

  •   Master Basic Excel Shortcuts You'll Use Every Day
    Discover information you won't find in Microsoft's manual 
    The most useful Excel shortcut keys and how to use them to maximum benefit
    The quick way to select a horizontal or vertical range of adjacent cells
  •   Learn Display and Formatting Shortcuts That Save Hours 
Display Format Cells dialog for easy manipulation
Instantly open and close a linked workbook - or even multiple workbooks
  •   Use Editing Shortcuts That Speed Up Your Work
    Copy and move data between worksheets the easy way 
    Paste copied selections to several locations simultaneously 
    The quick way to copy and paste data - or formulas - along adjacent cells

  •  Discover Formula and Chart Shortcuts That Increase Your Efficiency
    Automatically define names according to the text in the top row and left column
    A simple keystroke method to open the paste function dialog box 
    Get instant review help for the syntax function
    How to change the absolute reference to a relative reference


Check-In: 8:30 AM Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Unlock the secrets of Microsoft® Excel with this fast-paced, one-day seminar.  (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the Power Excel:  Shortcuts, Tips, and Techniques training seminar

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