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Adobe Photoshop users, designers
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The Adobe Photoshop Conference  

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Adobe Photoshop users, designers


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Seminar Summary:

1 day, 2 tracks, and 10 sessions to choose from! (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

The Adobe Photoshop Conference

Learn how to:

  • Use retouching techniques, tips, and secrets like a pro
  • Manipulate images to create dramatic new designs
  • Expand your use of layers, blending, filters, and other visual elements
  • Become a faster, more proficient, more productive Photoshop user
  • Put the "wow" in any project with groundbreaking special effects

Gain the knowledge ...

This conference was created specifically for users like you — people who are eager to expand their Photoshop knowledge immediately and economically. Don't waste your precious time and money on bulky tutorials or endless classroom sessions. Learn everything you need to know in just one day!

Unleash your creativity ...

This multifaceted conference offers Photoshop fundamentals for novice users as well as advanced creative solutions for seasoned professionals. With its unique and practical track format, this program makes it possible for users at every level to gain a personal, customized arsenal of new techniques, tips, and ideas for getting the most out of Photoshop. This is your opportunity to arm yourself with the state-of-the-art design tools you need to create eye-opening graphic elements ... to discover how to seamlessly integrate Photoshop imagery into your design projects ... and, once and for all, to get "on track" for unparalleled success.

Let your ideas flourish!

You'll find it easier to produce even the most complex images once you know your way around Photoshop's advanced retouching, layering, blending, 3D, and distortion techniques. You'll no longer hesitate to incorporate images, design elements, and ideas you previously passed up as too difficult to figure out or too time-consuming and complicated to create. Best of all, you'll cement your reputation as a creative professional whose graphic designs are consistently eye catching, provocative, and unique.

The Adobe Photoshop Conference — Seminar Overview

Track One: Becoming Familiar with Photoshop

Session 1: Getting Started

Explore menus, palettes, shortcuts, option bars, and the toolbox; learn how to manipulate and view your images; and get comfortable with undoing and returning to any state of an image.

Session 2: Importing Photos and Managing Color

Make sure what's on your screen matches what comes out of your printer — learn the basics of color management and gain tips on importing images from scanners and digital cameras.

Session 3: Repairing Photos

Use automated commands to adjust your photos, and learn how to fine-tune details manually. Retouch those wrinkles and shadows with the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush, and find out how to use many other tools and filters.

Session 4: Adjusting and Presenting Images

Modify image sizes without losing quality in your photos, and learn techniques for cropping, rotating, and straightening. Work with multiple images in layouts and slideshows.

Session 5: Mastering Selection

Achieve precise editing using general to specific selecting tools. Learn techniques for rearranging, saving, and deleting selections within images. Session 5: Finishing Touches and Automating Tasks
Discover techniques for creating logos and graphics with shapes and text. Learn how to save yourself time and effort by recording frequent tasks — let Photoshop do the work for you

Track Two: Getting Creative with Photoshop

Session 1: Layering Images

Rearrange your image, add new elements, adjust color, and use special effects — all without making permanent changes to your original image! Learn how to create, blend, and manage layers.

Session 2: Refining Images

Artistically enhance your image using preset colors and patterns, or create your own! Transform or erase details of your images with specialized painting tools.

Session 3: Transforming and Distorting Images

Make them do a double-take when they see your design! Slant, stretch, and create 3D effects by changing the perspective of layers and selections.

Session 4: Adding Filters and Effects

Quickly produce different appearances within your images: blur or sharpen, sketch or texture your photos using filters and effects.

Session 5: Finishing Touches and Automating Tasks

Discover techniques for creating logos and graphics with shapes and text. Learn how to save yourself time and effort by recording frequent tasks — let Photoshop do the work for you

Choose the session that most interests you from either track in this exciting one-day conference.  (Session chooses are made the day of the seminar)

Seminar Times:

Seminar Check-In 8:30 AM   Seminar Class Time:  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

1 day, 2 tracks, and 10 sessions to choose from! (see full course description)

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