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Location: CROWNE PLAZA in Ventura, CA

11/2/2018  to  11/2/2018 How to Supervise Bad Attitudes and Negative Behaviors (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
11/5/2018  to  11/5/2018 Microsoft® Excel® Basics (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
11/6/2018  to  11/6/2018 Microsoft® Excel®: Beyond the Basics (by Fred Pryor Seminars)


Location: The Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach in Ventura, CA

10/12/2018  to  10/12/2018 The Conference for Women (by SkillPath Seminars)
10/29/2018  to  11/2/2018 The 30-Hour California OSHA Compliance Course (by National Seminars Training Group)


Location: The Four Points by Sheraton Resort in Ventura, CA

10/2/2018  to  10/2/2018 Project Management Workshop (by Fred Pryor Seminars)


Location: The Four Points Ventura Harbortown in Ventura, CA

9/24/2018  to  9/24/2018 How to Become a Better Communicator (by SkillPath Seminars)
9/25/2018  to  9/25/2018 Managing Multiple Projects and Priorities (by National Seminars Training Group)
9/26/2018  to  9/26/2018 Getting the Most from Microsoft© Excel© (by SkillPath Seminars)
10/1/2018  to  10/1/2018 Dealing Effectively with Unacceptable Employee Behavior (by SkillPath Seminars)
11/5/2018  to  11/6/2018 Communicating With Tact, Diplomacy and Professionalism (by SkillPath Seminars)
11/28/2018  to  11/28/2018 HR Law (by National Seminars Training Group)
11/29/2018  to  11/29/2018 The Administrative Assistants Conference (by SkillPath Seminars)
12/4/2018  to  12/5/2018 How to Excel at Managing and Supervising People (by SkillPath Seminars)
12/6/2018  to  12/6/2018 The Social Media Marketing Conference (by SkillPath Seminars)
12/13/2018  to  12/13/2018 Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines (by SkillPath Seminars)
12/17/2018  to  12/17/2018 Essential Skills of Dynamic Public Speaking (by National Seminars Training Group)
12/19/2018  to  12/19/2018 How to Successfully Make the Transition to Supervisor (by National Seminars Training Group)
1/18/2019  to  1/18/2019 Business Grammar & Proofreading (by National Seminars Training Group)


Location: The The Clocktower Inn Hotel in Ventura, CA

1/31/2019  to  1/31/2019 How to Supervise People (by Fred Pryor Seminars)
2/5/2019  to  2/5/2019 Criticism & Discipline Skills for Managers and Supervisors (by CareerTrack Seminars)
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